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Application And Research Of The Oil Shale Ash In Construction Materials

Posted on:2012-10-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2132330335950198Subject:Applied Chemistry
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In the development of human society, energy has been playing very important role, in which oil, coal and natural gas are indispensibal. However, with the continuous exploitation of human beings, the development of the global economy has been constrained by the shortage of resources. Oil shale as an important supplementary energy resource for oil, has an abundant resrves. If converting the currently proved reserve of oil shale to shale oil, it can achieve more than 4,000 tons shale oil which equivalent to the 5.4 times of crude oil. For this reason, recently many countries over the world have strengthened the research of exploration and utilization of oil shale. At present, more then 90% of the oil shale are used for retorting oil shale to produce shale oil and gas or burning oil shale to generate electricity. Both of them produce a huge amount of residue. It can not only cause serious environmental pollution, but also lead to enormous waste of the available elements. Therefore, the comprehensive utilization of oil shale ash has become a hot research in recent years. In this paper, the application of oil shale ash, which were collected from northeast region, in cement, block and artificial marble were explored. This reserch focuse on solving the problem of maximum utilization of oil shale ash in the common building materials such as cement and blocks, improving the process capacity of oil shale ash. Besides, we successfully prepared higher value-added building decoration materials artificial marble at the first time, increased the technology content of oil shale ash's application.Firstly, we use chemical reagents as raw materials to calcine cement clinker. The relationship between ratio of raw materials and silicate clinker minerals and calcination conditions were studied by orthogonal test. The optimum composition ratio of cement clinker were determined, lime saturated coefficient 0.92, silicon rate 2.5, aluminum rate 1.5. The best calcining temperature of cement clinker is 1350℃According to the early experimental results, the composition of the cement clinker calcined by industrial materials is similar to the cement clinker in Yatai cement plant of Jilin province. As the mixing materials, oil shale is added to cement clinker in Yatai cement plant cement clinker directly. Experimental results show that with the increaseing adding quantity of oil ash,3-day strength decrese significantly; but later reinforcing effect is higher. The intensity of 28 days is stable relatively. For guaranting cement intensity meets PC32.5 standards, the biggest adding quantity of oil ash should be 35 to 40%.Lightweight aggregate concrete small hollow blocks were prepared using cement as cementitious material, stones as the coarse aggregate, oil shale ash as fine aggregate produce. The influence of demoulding time, vibration time, add water, softening agent, demolding agent and the maintenance to production process and strength of block were discussed. The optimum conditions were also determined. When the adding quantity of oil ash is 30% to 70%, the strength and density of block conform to the national standard (GB/T 15229-2002).A novel kind of artificial marble has been synthesized by room temperature curing method, using oil shale ash and unsaturated polyester resin as the main raw materials, assisted by curing agent and accelerating agent. The effects of physicochemical properties on the performance of as-prepared samples have been investigated systematically,including the proportion of raw materials, the content of curing agent and accelerating agent, curing time, the type of resin and packing size. According to experiment, the optimized formulation of synthesizing artificial marble is identified. The optimized formulation is:unsaturated polyester resin 1 20%~27%, initiator agent 0.5%~2.25%, accelerating agent 0.5%~1.5%, oil shale ash 50%~70%, calcium carbonate powder 5%-20%. Under the optimized formulation and technological conditions, the artificial marbles that synthesized have artistic appearance and the properties accord with national standards. The compression strength is 79MPa, the bending strength is 7.4MPa and the radiation specific activity is 0.67(IRa),0.45(Ir).In conclusion with the continuous development and perfection of oil exploitaion industy, The research results possibly can provide technical support for the comprehensive utilization of oil ash and have an potential social and economic significance.
Keywords/Search Tags:oil shale ash, cement, block, artificial marble
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