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The Research And Design Of Distribution Automation System In Hunan University

Posted on:2005-03-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360125458705Subject:Power system and its automation
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Distribution system is an important part that faces the masses of customers directly in power system. As the original distribution system of Hunan University wears out seriously and its automatic degree is low, it can't meet the demand for electricity utilization of the fast development of the school. The reconstruction of distribution system of Hunan University can improve power supply reliability and quality.Firstly, the contents of distribution automation and current situation of the development of domestic and international distribution automation are presented in this thesis. The issues that exist in the process of implemention of distribution automation are pointed out. Several application modes are also discussed. Aiming to the current situation of distribution network of Hunan University, the idea that plan of distribution system goes with primary system in step is put forward, that can create a good platform for development of system in the future. Based on load forecast, plan and design of distribution system is given that main grid structure of distribution system consist of three distribution substation with two circuits. The adopted scheme has advantage in well-placed source of power and low loss in network that can provide a network foundation for the implementation of distribution automation. According to the design principle of "standardization, opening, security and easy maintenance" and considering pratical conditions of distribution system of Hunan University, a global design of distribution automation system is given. The entire system consists of some subsystem, including SCADA system, feeder automation system, distribution substation/switching station monitoring system, geographical information system, distribution working manage system and electricity-metering system. Distribution automation system can achieve the function that supervsing and controlling distribution system, fault detection and service restoration automatically, can utilize all kinds of information to achieve optimum management. At the same time, the design of master station, slave station and terminal are also deeply studied. The scheme of communication system and feeder automation in Hunan University is designed. The communication system can be divided to two layers, optic fibers heal Ethernet loop network is adopted in the layer between master station and slave station, while LonWorks field bus network is adopted in the layer between slave station andterminal. Because of the different architectural feature of distribution substation and switching station, the scheme of feeder automation is achieved separately. Finally, some researches are carried out in the distribution power flow calculation that is considered as the foundation of distribution system advance application. A power flow algorithm that adopts a suitable datum storage mode is proposed, and the result of calculation proves its effectiveness.
Keywords/Search Tags:Distribution system, Distribution automation, Communication mode, Feeder automation, Distribution power flow calculation
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