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Algorithm And Simulation Research Of Feeder Automation Based On The Distribution Network

Posted on:2013-08-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2232330362471987Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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The most important part of the distribution automation system is feeder automation,which has great application background and tremendous marketable value. In thedistribution automation system, the key factor is time. For electrical energy can’t be stored,so it’s production, transportation, distribution and consumption must be completed at thesame time. The paper takes this as a starting point, in order to meet the more and moreelectric needs of users.However, the feeder automation is related to the topology model for distributionnetworks. On the base of analysis of traditional models and the hierarchical topology model,this paper presents a new model----the modern hierarchical topology model. The model notonly can indicate the distribution networks, but also easy to calculate. When the structure ofnetworks is complex, advantages will be more obvious.The paper chose matrix algorithm and over-heated arc searching algorithm to be thebasic algorithm. The two algorithms improved respectively. Consider to put the couplingpoint into the network description matrix, and to distinguish each node of the faultinformation to resolve its issue.For over-heated arc searching algorithm, paper proposeover-heated region searching algorithm for complex multi-source distribution network. Bymeans of estimating the faulty section of the over-heated region instead of the over-heatedarc as well as introducing of the vertex-to-arc load and regional load, a concise algorithm toseparate minimum distribution region is given and the searching steps of over-heatedregion are discoursed upon in detail. Meanwhile, for the incomplete fault information offeeder’s measurement and control terminal, the solution is to deal with the fault informationbefore ues it to diagnose fault position. Then, put the two improved algorithms together toform a new location algorithm----new graph theory arithmetic of fault location. Throughthe typical example’s results show that the approaches propossed are correct and validity.Then complete the fault location and fault quarantine, the paper come to recovery part.The essence of recovery of non-fault region is reconfiguration of distribution networks,which is a key function of distribution automation system. The fourth chapter of this paperproposed the way to choose objective functions of reconfiguration of distribution networks.This paper chooses loss reduction and loads equalization to be objective functions, and useforword and backward substitution method to calculation the network’s flow. At last, ant colony algorithm is the best choose to change the configuration of distribution networks. Aartificial ant colony algorithm based on grid has been proposed, which promises excellentperformance not only in the convergence speed but also in the quality of solution.Final, the result of research work shows that the algorithms used in this paperenhanced the fault tolerant and offer a new approach for fault section diagnosis andreconfiguration of distribution networks.
Keywords/Search Tags:feeder automation(FA), fault section diagnosis, matrix algorithm, over-heatedarc searching algorithm, distribution network reconfiguration
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