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From Tao Huayuan To Huan Huaxi ——Du Fu's Succession To Tao Yuanming's Spiritual Home

Posted on:2011-09-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Tao yuanming and Du fu are great poets of difference,which was knew by a lot of people. The essay pays attention to the same aspects instead of the difference,including three parts follow:The first section is about the Du fu's acception to Tao yuanming, including four progressive stages. The second and third section analyze Tao yuanming's gloomy style and Du fu's bland style from a macro view , because these two kinds of styles are indispensable foundation of Du fu's acception to Tao yuanming. Tao yuanming's gloomy style includes loyalty,anger and passion,which had been well inherited by Du fu. Du fu's style of bland includes retire,happiness and relaxation, closed to the dominant style of Tao yuanming. According to a large number of poetry reviews, we can find that Tao yunaming and Du fu have both groomy and bland style at the same time,which was contrast to prevail view. Changing from gloomy style to bland style is the most important reason for Tao and Du's difference to other pastoral poets.The second section continues to compare Tao and Du in poetry's art and life's philosophy from the words,sentences,chapters,the spirit,style,achivements of poetry to personality,family,state and the world of Confusicion, which are the componenents of their similarities from small to big, from poem to poet.Entering and retiring the society, changing to bland style from beautiful style,while at the same time,bland style containing beautuful style consist of the similarity of Tao and Du. Nither their poets or themselves,had experenced a process from groomy style to bland style,including firstly entering the society and finally retiring from the society.The third part analyzes the"peach"imagery in Tao and Du's poetry, as an individual case, revealing the succession of them from geography,spirit and merit.The first part quotes the view of Chen yinque,and the second Su shi, the third Chen yixing,and then analyzing the"Tao huayuan"and"peach"in the poetry of Du fu. The article concludes that Tao yuanming and Du fu are comparable in these things:pastoral poetry, peach and"Tao huayuan"imagery, the gloomy and bland style, the poetry's art and life's philosophy. The home of spirit built by their poetry is a precious heritage for chinese.
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