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Inheritance Of Huayuan Hmong Songs Under The Modern Context

Posted on:2013-01-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M Y MaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2235330371471599Subject:Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature
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As inherit carrier of national cultural, Hmong songs played an indispensable role of cultural inheritance in traditional Hmong society, and it shows a variety of forms during the process of inherit. Hmong songs suffered an unprecedented impact in the modern society transition period. Huayuan Hmong songs still continue to play an important role of cultural inheritance in the links of traditional and modern, derived multiple sung mode to adapt the cultural environment of modern society. To this end, we use the attitude and method of cultural anthropology to do a depth analysis to several cultural forms existing in Huayuan Hmong society:Huayuan (border town) KTV entertainment square culture, "free concert of Hmong songs" in Huayuan border town cultural square, and sing "tang gen" in the wedding, in order to understand the function and significance of Hmong songs in traditional Huayuan Hmong society. In the transformation from traditional society to modern society, as a cultural part, what kind of connection mode will Hmong songs realize to deal with the dilemma of modernity? Though perspective of Huayuan "border town KTV entertainment culture square", cultural interpretation of "free concert of Hmong songs" in Huayuan border town cultural square, cultural mode analysis of "tang gen" in traditional Huayuan Hmong wedding, highlights the autonomy of Hmong people in Huayuan on inheritance of self-culture in exchange collision of modern and traditional, thus to reveal the meaning and value of Huayuan Hmong songs in the inheritance of Hmong culture.
Keywords/Search Tags:Huayuan Hmong people, Huayuan Hmong songs, cultural context, modernity, entertainment, freedom, tang gen, inheritance
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