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The Principle Of Environment-Friendly Urban Design

Posted on:2004-08-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X D YiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360092475817Subject:Art of Design
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City is full of complex concept that far beyond our thinking of. Such as politics economics and culture etc. are bind tightly with it. There are kinds of answers about "good city" by the different cultural,economic and social ideological background. But except the answers which means what. City's form can influence peoples' lives is an undeniable. All of us have this kinds of experiences:some parts of our own town is unpleased,such as ugly,confused,inflexible and made us deeply downhearted but another parts are full of interesting landscapes. Sample as Dalian of china,the beautiful landscapes there pleased and promoting the efficiency man works. That is very benefits to promote the economics advance. Environment-friendly urban design is an important way to measure the economic growth and social progress and spiritual of a country. It integrates a nation's social system historical and cultural background,ecological status and scientific level. It's features strong space distinctiveness and penetrative ness. It is an urban public openness to harmonize natural ecological system and that artificial construction. A sound and artistic urban design is an important means to balance ecological system,upgrade city environment,create distinctive culture,and to improve people's living standard.At the beginning of the paper,we introduce the history of city and the reasons of the city forms. Some of the existing problems in current urban design,and than systematically discusses a few essential aspects of the field based on his personal experiences,social investigation and abundant resources from both home and abroad. Mold of thinking and ways concerning modern urban design with Chinese characteristic is explored.City is a big family of ours. All of us must fell best in it and how to integrate the problems of landscape and system of urban city is most important things.
Keywords/Search Tags:environment-friendly urban design ecology science and technology humanitarianism sustainable development
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