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Interaction Between Thoughts Of Rule By Law And Political Order In Modern China

Posted on:2003-10-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:N LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360062480682Subject:Political Theory
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When China came into modern society, two kinds of crises appeared. One was the crisis of traditional political order and the other was the crisis of mental order in which thoughts of rule by law happened and developed as an important signal.The two crises interacted in modern China. Before new political order was built, traditional political order had shaken and collapsed. The change of political order affected the development of the thoughts of rule by law, Meanwhile, the fact that the ideals of rule by law experienced from theory to practice influenced on the reconstruction of political order. That is to say, the crisis of traditional political order was the cause and political background that the ideas of rule by law arose and enriched and developed. The changes of the ideas of rule by law from content to the way of realization were the response to different extant political order and may affect the later political order with the leader's different knowledge to politics.The thesis includes four parts excluding the preface:Part I is the theoretical basis of my article. I introduce some basic conceptions, such as "rule by law", " political order ", " political modernization " etc. and analyze their mutual relations.Part II : The crisis of the traditional political order and the bud of thoughts of rule by law in modern China. This chapter mainly analyzes the internal and external crises at that time. Huang Zunxian was the herald of the ideas of rule by law while Liang Qichao was the first protagonist who acted on the stage of rule by law.Part III: I discuss the interaction between the ideas of rule by law and political order, which is the body of my paper. In this part, I expound the subject through different phase.Part IV: I analyze the reason that the ideas of rule by law can 't bring into play effectively in modern China. Furthermore, according to the preceding discussion, I ponder rationally over the early process of political modernization of China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Modern China, Rule by Law, Political order, Mental order, Political modernization
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