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The Theory Of Actions In The TNCS~s Foreign Direct In Vestment

Posted on:2003-02-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z G CaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360062486071Subject:Forest management
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From the beginning of eighties, 20th century , with the deepen of intensification of international Labor division and the rapid development of economic globalization ?International Corporations(TNCS) fasten its international capital mobility in the world, and as the main body of the world economy , under the promotion of its global strategic target, it is expanding its foreign direct investment all over the world , according to the advantage in funds, technology , and so on ?TNCS s Foreign direct investment has made a notable impact on the economy all over the world ?Foreign funds have had a important role on the economy of Chinese, who has been the largest country in the world , and the second largest one in the developing countries,, But , there has been some unavoidable questions in Chinese economic security, especially come to lash of industry ?So we 11 do our best to takeThe paper is organized into these major parts :(1) The development of TNCSo(2) TNCS's FDI o This section will analysis the key factors and the causes when TNCS launchs the action in FDI;(3) The effectSo They include ones produced in the world economy , home country economy and host country economy ;(4) The functions of the foreign funds when China has taken in these FDI; the part emphatically points out the impacts by the model of Econommetric.(5) The economic security of one s country during the course of action when TNCS enlarges its FDI0 Facing the shock , how will we be on guard and make use of its advantage to give service to our country,...
Keywords/Search Tags:Globalization, Transfer pricing, Iinternational, competitive advantage, WTO principles
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