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Research On Promoting The Competition Advantage Of Chinese Pharmacy Enterprises

Posted on:2004-10-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360092491385Subject:Business management
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The wheel of history has already stepped into the 21st century. Entering the WTO successfully and quickening of domestic reform paces, which has offered the scarce historical opportunity for development of Chinese enterprises, But it also exposed the inherent and profound question of Chinese enterprise at the same time, and accelerated domestic enterprise's standing cruel market competition baptism. All these is enormous challenge undoubtedly to Chinese enterprise, especially to pharmacy enterprise of China, which is weak extremely among international competition, its pressure can't be ignored. How to catch the historical opportunity, meet challenge, dissolve pressure and promote the competitive advantage of our pharmacy enterprise is the important task of Chinese drug maker and economical circles have been attended all the time.For a long time, there are a lot of explanations about industry's development. Comparative advantage is most classical, and which is the kind of theory that the economist firmly believed most too, but more and more illustrations show: With the development of international trade and the deepened of globalization day by day, the comparative advantage of the producer's factor has not been enough to explain the abundant trade form, The leading position of this theory is weakened slowly. And at this moment, competition advantage marches toward the historical stage gradually. Begin from British economist E.chamberlin put forward the concept of competition advantage" in 1939 to Professor Michael E. Porter of American Harvard Business School who studies enterprise's competitive advantage deeply, competition advantage theory has got considerable developing; its theoretical system is ripe day by day too. Especially establishment and keep of competitive advantage system or obtains of sustainable competitive advantage are the focus that industrial circle pay close attention to, which have already become the central topic studied in strategic management. However, the research about competition advantage theory always waved in two ends of the external environment condition and inside resource (ability) in the past, Failed to find the balance between the two end, and set up the theoretical system of a kind of merger; In addition, domestic and international competitive advantage system application of the concrete industry are rare even, which stand at the research of theory basically. So, this thesis's purport is on the basis of studying and synthesizing, balanced enterprise's internal and external factor, take our pharmacy enterprise which are making great efforts to tackle the strong impact and the challenge which brought by the WTO as the foothold, proceed from three subject angles of the national environment, the industry's advantage and the enterprise's core competition, make great efforts to structure the frame system of competitive advantage of our pharmacy enterprise.This text is divided into three major parts, amounts to five chapters.The first part consists of the first and the chapter two. Chapter one is Preface, including basis, relevant retrospect, train of thought of this text, method and innovation; Chapter two proceed from general industry on the basis of relevant theoretical research of competitive advantage, regard country, industry, enterprise as the foothold, to observe how to structure advantage system of the competitive models.Second part namely chapter three. At first, Introduce the state of development and overall trend of the Global pharmacy industry from market, product structure, research and develop. As a whole: Stepping into the 21st century, the global pharmacy industry has already entered into golden age, Especially with day by day advanced, medicine chemical research make progress constantly and human genome decoding of password, The global pharmacy industry has already entered into a stage increasing rapidly. But it also point out in the article that the advantage of this industry centers in developed countries mainly, such as the United States and Japan,...
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