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Research On Water Price Of Efficient Agricultural Irrigation In Inner Mongolia, China

Posted on:2003-05-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X K ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360062995047Subject:Agricultural economic management
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With the development of rising population, urbanization and industrialization, the contradiction of supply and demand for water resources is more and more significant in Inner Mongolia. Especially, the growing scarcity of water resources has become a serious threat to the agriculture production. At the same time, unreasonable water management system has resulted in low efficiency of irrigation.Commonly, the shortage and waste of water resources are mainly treated as engineering and technical problems. However, as things are at the moment, an efficient economic measure is very important for dealing with agricultural water problems.Under the consideration, the author did a comprehensive investigation and study on the situation of agricultural water utilization in our province and found low water price of agricultural irrigation is the main reason which led to a low efficiency utilization of water resources. It has also been found that there are some imperfect aspects during the formulation and implement of price policy .An scientific and reasonable system of water price management is expected eagerly. Thus, the author made a thorough and deep research on water pricing of agricultural irrigation. In the thesis, some main problems existed in our agricultural water pricing are summed up by analyzing domestic and other countries'. In order to get the result rational, the author introduced the theoretical basis, principles of the water pricing, and then laid special stress on analyzing the elasticity of demand and price of water for agriculture. After that, the author chose one classic irrigation field as the case study and employed qualitative and quantitative methods to analyze its agricultural water pricing from suppliers, demanders, technology of save water three different aspects. Based on the theoretical and case study, several suggestions are made for future reform of water pricing of agricultural irrigation in Inner Mongolia. The purpose of the research is to find a train of thought for the government and policy makers, so as to promote agriculture sustainable development in Inner Mongolia.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cost Price, Elasticity of Demand and Price of water, Limited Water Price, Bearing Capacity of Farmers
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