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Research On Reform Of Large Irrigation Districts Administrations And Water Price Of Agricultural Irrigation

Posted on:2005-10-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Z FanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125456342Subject:Systems Engineering
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At present, the problems existing in the management of our irrigation work stand out gradually. Most administration can not found their extending-development mechanism so that the management of the water conservancy can't step in a continuable orbit. The reform of administration is stared in the face. At the same time, it has been the urgent task to establish rational system and deepen the reform of the water price in the actuality of lower and irrational water price in china. This article has done some in-depth study aiming at the aspects mentioned above and refers to the contents that follow.1.This article has done some analysis and conclusion on the studies about the development and course of the water price reform, especially on the experience, idea and advanced technique that are worthy of using for reference. And then it indicates the problem and resistance existing in that of china, indicates the necessity to carry out the reform and the mission in the new situation. At the same time, it expatiates the general situation of the system reform in the administration in china.2.The article analyses the management mode, the personnel affair system and the organization setting of the irrigation district administration aiming at the problems such as such as the overplus of personnel and the lack of structural persons with ability. And then it frames the stations and the personnel newly on the base.3.This article analyses emphatically the agriculture water supply cost of the irrigation districts, and discusses how to set up the maintain funds of the irrigation works and the heavy repair funds in order to reduce the water price and lighten the farmers' burden. Moreover it calculates the labours cost, the public expense, the fuel fee. the maintenance outlay, the depreciation of the equipment and the exes for the heavy overhaul scientifically.4.Aiming at the characters such as multi-source and multi-level, this article jointly optimizes and manages the water resources of the irrigation district by using the theory and the method of the system analysis. It uses GAMS to construct the mathematics model that the water resource of irrigation areas is optimized and ask solving. And enhances the ability and the reliability of water supply in order to confirm the optimal water supply of the irrigation works.5.Finally, the research results of the full paper are summarized and the questions that this subject needed further investigating are analysed.
Keywords/Search Tags:water price system, system reform, heavy repair fund, water supply cost, GAMS
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