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Study On Modern Logistic And E-commerce

Posted on:2003-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360065950659Subject:Business management
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The word "logistic" first appeared in America, Japan introduced it from America in 1956, in the early 1980s, China imported it from Europe and Japan. Although through 70 years development, the definition of logistic had no been decided on a verdict. In this article, the writer defined it. She thinks logistic is, to complete the effective, fast economic activities of commodities, information and services' circulation, for achieving the customers' satisfaction, through linking up the suppliers and demanders, and breaking through the obstruction of space and time.Under the condition of e-commerce, the development of logistic in China are facing great challenges and good opportunities. On one hand, the level of the present logistics' development is the bottleneck of e-commerce's development, on the other hand, the appearance of e-commerce mostly accelerated the logistic technology improvement and made apart, combined the traditional circulation industry. So, we can see logistic and e-commerce are closely linked. Briefly, logistic is the production of logistic and information technology, logistic is the fundamental guarantee of e-commerce. The characteristics of e-commerce logistic are: informationlization, automationlization, electricalization, intelligentization, and flexiblization.Compared with the developed countries, logistic in China is still in the first stage, the status quo is like these: the enterprises logistic account for the large part of the whole social logistic, the professional enterprises logistic are springing up, the infrastructure and equipments have reached to some degree, and the government at different levels are attaching importance to the development of logistic. And the problems are these: the logistic is still facing the deficient market demand, the limited style of professional logistic services, the level of logistic enterprises' management are having much room for improvement, the comparatively lower level of the infrastructures and equipments hinders the promotion of logistic efficiency. All these problems impede the development of e-commerce distribution. In addition, entering WTO brings profound and lasting influence on logistic.America and Japan are on the first rank on the e-commerce distribution all over the world, generally speaking, the levels of theirs' socializational organizational distribution are higher, they pay more attention to the value-added in services, attach more importance to researching the technologies and methods in distribution, lay stress on investing in the infrastructures, and their government do much more things for the distribution center.Learning from the experiences of e-commerce distribution in America and Japan, to solve the problems lies in our e-commerce distribution, the writer thinks that the new distribution center under the condition of e-commerce must have three qualifications: high level management, high accomplish human resources, high technical equipment. Presently, there are two types of enterprises engaging in e-commerce, one is the traditional large manufacture enterprises, the other is the concurrent or professional website companies, and there are three classes of e-commerce distribution, each of the classes has its two sides. By analyzing those styles, the writer points out that under the present condition, selecting which style should follow the principle-"appropriate", not just "scientific",and she also point out the tendency.Lastly, the writer thinks we must start with two aspects to promote the e-commerce logistic. One is to push on the e-commerce development in circulation positively and steadily, through enforcing the fundamental work on circulation industry information; impelling the enterprises to apply the e-commerce; using the e-commerce to innovate the old logistic systems. The other is to bring logistic on, through changing mind; persisting in the idea-based on human resources; strengthening the establishment of production enterprises logistic; accelerating building logistic campus; speeding up the establi...
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