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A Research Into The Quality Building Of Administration Leading Cadres In The New Period

Posted on:2003-06-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F QinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360065955857Subject:Administrative Management
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All the National leading cadres of each generation, from Mao zedong, DengxiaoPing and Jiangzemin, have made many significant statements on enhancing the quality of leading cadres. During the long process of revolution construction and reform, the CCP has been paying much attention to quality building. It is a decesive factor , that is, sustainedly cultivating an enomous growp of leading talents with high quality to the questions ?whether the cause of socialism can be strenthened and developed and whether china can keep powerful and prosperous in the strong international competition.In the modern world, the world economy and technlogy developing with high speed and comprehensive national power being more heated, all the nations in the world, simutaneously, step into the time of intellect economy. In china, the Market ?oriented economy structure has been set up and china has joined the international economy; In order to realize the national rejuvenation of China, which has a civilization history of thousands of years, it needs not only the modernization of industry, agriculture, national defence and science and technology but the modernization of people.Facing the sacred mission and heatedly forming situation, the leading cadres of different levels who are the centre of the reform are confronted with the chanllege to lead the revolution. The average leaders, who are complacent and conservative are doomed to beeliminated.The new situation of the present world, which is changing pro-foudly, whose economy is globalizing, and whose society informa-tionized, requires the leaders with newer and higher quality. To meet the requirements of the time, with great efforts, cultivating and enhancing the comprehensive quality of the cadres and making them filled with knowlege, modern leading awareress and strong pioneering consciousness and as well as with democrative, efficient and incorruptible quality is the key task to each admistration cadre in the new century,and also is an important subject in the field of administration management.This dissertation is a research into the building of leading cadres quality in term of personal administration. The thesis states the significance and characteristic of the qualyty of a administration Leading Cadres in the New Period subject,and analyzes the existing problems in the present stage, and finally, puts forward some constructive suggestions to the corresponding problems. It is divided into four parts:The first part expounds the viewpoints of national leading cadres of diffenent generations on the quality building of leading cadres, espacially, the thought named "Govern the nation with morality" raised by Jiangzemin, to be exact, states its significance of theory and practice.The second part states the characteristics of the subject in term of morality, knowlege demorcrative style and incorrupcy.The third part analyzes the existing problems and their resources.The last one conies up with some constructive suggestions.
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