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Study On Give Administration Of Peasants Losing Lands

Posted on:2010-07-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Q MengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360275479812Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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This paper, based on the theory of service government and responsible government, shows, in the course of rural urbanization, the way to solve peasants who lost their land is to realize Constitutional rights, and the government has responsibility to help them, Specifically, there are four aspects, including Administrative and nature of executive powers, Changes in the administrative functions of the State, developments in Citizen's Basic rights and the need to keep society in order. The administration according to law is one way to rule scientifically, in dealing with the problem of peasants without lands, Local Government must abide by the rule, there have a series of provisions in China's legal to protect peasants' right, but most of these provisions lack interoperability, if Local Government want to solve the problem, They must lay down detailed provisions, so, referring to peasants losing lands, Government should insist that the standard of according to legal administration principle, to make up for the inadequacy of the former, regarding administration by law as exception to the principle, binding executive power by the spirit of law, playing the enthusiasm of executive power, Protecting peasants' fundamental rights.There are some principles to be subject, including the principle of survival, the principle of development, the principle of self-reliance principles. Payments Administrative about Landless peasants is a collection of different types.expressing in the form of employment benefits, payment of life, protection of pay, accident pay, legal assistance, and so on. but I suggest that pay employment and other non-material help mainly to help them re-employment and self-reliance. Because there are a wide range of administrative, and its procedures to make uniform the provisions are not appropriate, only some of the essential provisions of the steps, such as applications, informed that the review of the reasons, hearings, publicity and so on, should be enforced. In the realization of the way, our country has always been the executive power of a country-led, the public manner is significantly powerful than private manner, it is necessary that local government should build in this area.Give Administration is the new issue of the administrative law circle. At the present, it is becoming an important type of administrative action and experts begin to do some research in this issue so that theory can play a guide role in this action. The writer, in the process, the realization of the way, classification, etc, suggests some opinions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service-oriented government, administration according to law and legal administration, give administration, Public law way and civil law way
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