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WTO And Transform Of Our Government Function

Posted on:2003-09-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360065955865Subject:Administrative Management
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It is required that China should have with open market, equal competition and market condition with principle If non-discrimination for joining WTO. Radically, this requires be in line with the economy system reform, which was being carried out in China. Both of them influence each other. On the one hand, with the deepen of economy system reform, this will accord with the rules of WTO more and more; one the other hand, adding news developing power for Chinese economy system reform.Joining the WTO is not only the opportunity, but also the challenge, and this would also have vital effect not only on the Chinese enterprise and relative industry, but also for conversion of Chinese government's function and adjustment of government's behavior. From certain view of points, joining the WTO for government is more important.China has made great progress in economy after over 20 years' reform. But comparing with the basic rules, there are many imperfect aspects, such as government's direct intervene was still excessive, examining and approval system are still widely exist; lacking of criterion and supervise for the market; the government being short of service consciousness and working efficiency; the law system is imperfect and were not strictly carried out; foreign enterprises enjoy over national treatment and low national treatment.What mentioned above require government transform their function in order to adapt to the rules of WTO, so the government should accordingly reform on several aspects: improve the governor's efficiency; perfect the law system and better the market condition; accelerate the reform of tax system, create equal competition condition and build up the competition ability of domestic enterprises; Reforming the examining and approval system of the government; nail down the government's function to provide public service and macro-economy adjustment and control.
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