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The Current Situation And Improving Measurement Of Material Management In CQGR Company

Posted on:2003-12-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H L XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092475305Subject:Business Administration
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Material management is the core of the enterprise's management. In China, the material management is featured with outdated method and low efficiency, which leads to heavy inventory and expensive cost. To promote the material management level has great importance for our enterprises to improve their management level and economical benefits. But the advanced management mode and method in western developed countries is not entirely fit to Chinese enterprises. So, it is very urgent to research a kind of material management mode based on our national conditions. At present, the domestic researching about material and inventory management is especially for large-sized enterprises, but little for mid-sized or mini-sized enterprises. So, taking CQGR Company as example, this paper makes a researching about material management for mid-sized or mini-sized enterprises, which is quite practicable.This paper is divided into three parts. First is the brief introduction of material management, supply chain and business process. Second is the analysis for current situation of material management in CQGR Company. It introduces the material management method and business process of the company, collects the relative data, finds out the existing problems, and analyzes the reasons. These existing problems, such as complicated management process, low working efficiency, heavy inventory, have a bad effect on the normal running of the company. Third is the solution plan and improving measurement. First, utilizing many advanced management technologies, such as business process reengineering, supply chain management, this paper gives reform to material management process as well as customer service process, flattens the "pyramid" type organization structure of company, and puts forward detailed improving measurements for the material requirement forecast and purchase management. Then, this paper offers classification for inventory material into ABC three groups, amends the mathematical model of classic EOQ on the basis of company's actual condition, and calculates the main parameter of inventory control. Finally, this paper makes economical benefits analysis for the improving results.Rather than a pure theoretical research, this paper applies relative theory of material management to resolve practical problems. It stresses that the material management problems of enterprise should be settled from the point of business process reform. The measurements and plans mentioned in this paper provide not only instructing function for CQGR Company but also reference value for other similar enterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:Material Management, Inventory Control, Supply Chain, Business Process Reengineering
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