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Based On The Real And Imaginary Integrated Model Of Marketing Channel Management

Posted on:2006-05-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C Y XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360152982585Subject:Business management
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Marketing channel is the hinge between manufacturers and customers. In classical marketing channel theories, marketing channel is regarded as a important part of enterprises' core competence. Whereas, with the development of information technology and wide application of cyber marketing, traditional marketing channel management is faced with austere challenge under the today's cyber marketing circumstance. A lot of new problems have happened, such as channel delivery, customer channel switching etc. In the same time, some classical channel problem have changed subtilely, for instance, the problem of marketing channel conflict. These common problems can not be solved ideally by traditional channel management methods. So, to transform traditional channel structure and management methods and to build new channel pattern and analyze click-and-mortar management methods, which is adapted for new operation environment, is imperative under the situation. Based on a lot of correlative literatures, the paper designs new click-and-mortar marketing channel pattern, which is much different from traditional channel pattern. The paper also discusses some key problems under the new channel pattern.The paper uses for reference many scholars' study accoplishments with systemic analysis and evaluation methods of management science, marketing, statistics etc. It is tried best to make the new channel pattern and management methods reasonable, scientific, practical and continued. The paper firstly analyze the customer switching model under the environment of click-and-mortar, based on which, channel managers can make easily tradeoff of different channel distinguishing and identifying. Secondly, as the emphasis of the paper, supply chain management problem is analyzed and stock and delivery management is emphasized with it. The analysis based on model is helpful to actual implement of click-and-mortar channel pattern. Thirdly, the paper probes into the new changes of channel conflict in new channel pattern and practical solution is to be given. Lastly, the paper analyzes risk management problems of channel integration and discusses the elusion tactics.
Keywords/Search Tags:cyber Marketing, marketing channel, channel integration, channel management
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