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Research On Management Of Marketing Channel

Posted on:2005-02-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122990358Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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As one of the strategic marketing tools, the importance of marketing channel less than the other three strategic tool-product, price, promotion, several enterprises pay attention to the marketing channel after they research the strategies such as product, they regard the channel strategy as the "remain question". However even the big enterprises as Coke-color, if they did not built up a perfect and well-developed channel, their thousands of products and services can not get to the hands of customers, no matter how famous or how good their products are. So marketing channel is not the less important factor, on the contrary it is the basis of the successful realization of the other three strategies, cause it is the showplace of product. Marketing channel has become the key factor for the maintain of competition especially when the transmission of information accelerated, the development of new technique more difficult currently.Although more attention has been paid on the marketing channel, but there are still lots of questions because the market had been under the control of single plan of the government for a long time and the related instruction had not been built up. Currently there are lots of kinds of marketing channel, each company has their own way to get in the market based on their characters. And the result is that lots of tactics, competition without rules. Just as professor Hong Tai. Lu said: "Marketing channel is the most chaos field of the current market, and at the same time the most important part to decide the result of competition." For the Chinese company, they do not lack the chances of practice, but lack of the completed comprehension of marketing channel. Upon the reasons above mentioned, this paper pay attention to the management of marketing channel, wish to built up the structure of marketing channel management based on the foreign scholars' theories.The first chapter of this paper analyzes the reason of the existence ofmarketing channel, based on this analysis find that it is reasonable to discuss the marketing channel from the angle of company's ability division, then this chapter discuss the specialization and division in the marketing channel and the character of it. The second chapter regards the essence of marketing channel management as coordination of the division, and induct related theories and analyze the goal of coordination of channel division. The third chapter analyzes the organization structure of marketing channel and makes the further research on the basis of regarding it as a societal system, and embody the management of marketing channel as the using of marketing channel power. The final chapter discuss the classification and using of channel power.
Keywords/Search Tags:marketing channel management, coordination of channel division, organization structure of marketing channel, marketing channel power
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