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Study On The Method Of Decision-making In Project Bidding

Posted on:2004-08-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092985047Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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In this paper, the method and process of decision making about bidding is studied. In the study of decision-making method for optimum seeking of bidding project, based on analyzing the effective factors of decision-making in bidding and considering the quantitative and qualitative evaluating indexes, experts' evaluation was synthesized by using the group eigenvalue method and the weighted method on group decision. Then, the concept of entropy was employed to get the objective weight of every index. Finally, combining the subjective weight which made by the experts with the objective weight of every index, each biding project was synthetically evaluated. Thus the rank-ordering and optimization of projects can be achieved.In the study on the method of risk decision in project bidding based on considering emulant, according to the contents and the characteristics of risk decision in the stage of bidding, based on considering the pure risks and the speculative risks, and setting out from monomial risk, internal number and internal probability were used in describing each risk element. Then, the optimization of strategies for monomial risks was done. And the computation was used to sew up the scheme, the progress, the cost and the overall risk compensation. Thus the minimizing of the contractor's cost of risk was brought off. In the study on the method of decision in projects bidding based on considering emulant, the game theory and the genetic algorithm based on computer random simulation were introduced. Then, combining with the characteristics of making-decision considering emulant when contractor are quoting, the two principles were applianced of to bidding model. Finally, model's establishing, solving and putting forward were achieved.In the study on the decision method of bidding based on ANN, combining with the characteristics of decision making in the stage of bidding and using MATLAB software, based on introducing the theory of artificial neural network, paper presents a BP neural network application for cost estimate, projects optimization and profit making certain in the decision making of bidding.
Keywords/Search Tags:bidding, decision-making, optimization, risk, emulant, ANN
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