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Theory Study On Event Tourism And Research On Qingdao Event Tourism Development

Posted on:2004-08-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092998521Subject:Tourism Management
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The thesis is divided into five parts. Its major content comprises summary of past research, research of festival & special event product, systematic research of event tourism theoretic, and existent problems and strategy research in Qingdao.In preparatory part, the thesis indicates origin, significance and method of the research, besides, summarizes present condition and past research about domestic and overseas event tourism and commentate them.In the first chapter, the thesis summarizes essence and historical transmutation of festival & special event. Based on past research, the thesis makes the definiteness of festival & special event, and summarizes classification and influence in every region. At last, it analyses the relation of festival & special event and tourism or relaxation and characteristic of festival & special event.In the second chapter, the thesis focuses on systematic research about theoretic of event tourism. This is as well as theoretic contribution of it. At first, formation factors and characteristic of event tourism are analyzed. The thesis emphatically researches economic impress and social impress of event tourism, comprising its modality and reckon means. Then, consulting general organization of event tourism, the thesis makes a structure of event tourism in a city. At last, it systematic researches product management, traveler market and marketing management, and reason, modality and method of market operation.Research on Qingdao is a important part of the thesis. In the third chapter, it summarize tourism circumstance and traveler market condition, as well as the condition, status and action of festival & special event and event tourism in Qingdao. Then it analyzes strength, weakness, occasion and threat of event tourism in Qingdao. Considering above all, the thesis makes analysis method of competition of event tourism and its condition in every traveler market of Qingdao. At last, it point to some problems existing in organization, scale institution and management.Result of the thesis is general strategies for Qingdao and some strategies for individual festival & special event, which have a sure actual significance. In the lastchapter, the thesis makes strategies in organization & human resource, politic & relative installation, government participation & market operation, capital & impress management and marketing management. Cases study particularly point to characteristic of traveler market of two important event and small events, as well as direction of problems in development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Festival & special event, event tourism, strategies, Qingdao
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