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The Government Guiding Behavior In The Local Festival Tourism

Posted on:2017-03-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B L ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330488973571Subject:Tourism management
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With the rapid development of tourism, Festival Tourism is increasingly becoming an important means of developing the local tourism industry and promoting the local economy. The participatory and interactive features of the festival tourism decide that it has the public attribute, and greatly needs government to put forward feasible measures to improve the tourism brand marketing and tourism infrastructure construction of the Festival Tourism. Thus, Festival Tourism activities need government intervention. Following "13th Five-Year" period of transition reform of the tourism industry, the government should accurate its position and scientifically play its guiding behavior of tourism. Owing to the importance of festival tourism, tourism industry will be the future trend of urban tourism. Therefore, I choose the government’s guiding behavior in local festival tourism to research.From the deepening reform, market development, and promoting economic,I analyze the research background of the government’s guiding behavior in local festival tourism, and explain the purpose of the study from two aspects:the oretical significance and realistic significance. By collecting a large number of literature, I summarize the research status at home and abroad; Put forward the causes of the festival tourism needing to strengthen government guide behavior; clear the meanings and contents of researching government guiding mode to provide the theory of further demonstrating the government guiding behavior patterns, at the same time, I comb the threads and approaches of the research.In this paper, by summarizing, classifying and analyzing the outstanding achievements of domestic and international festival tourism, I propose the research subject "Local governments should strengthen the guiding actions". Besides, I also summarize the definition, scope, classification, characteristics and other factors of Local festival activities, and analyze the mode of government behavior in Festival Tourism activities, and define the local government guiding behavior. On the basis of integrating the previous literature, I propose that the choices of the government guiding behavior should be measured within the framework of development and limitation. That is to say, after the government scientifically analyzing the markets, it positively transforms its functions, and makes the relative systems and measures as well as actively plays a guiding role in the markets, resources, infrastructure, public services and other factors, to avoid adverse reactions due to the excessive government-led behavior. Try to build up a business integrated platform for society, markets, resources and enterprise, create opportunities for development, and form a new model of industrial development and management. This article deeply analyzes the adverse reactions caused by the government over trusting in the government-led behavior, and the positive role the government guiding behavior played in the sustainable development of the festival tourism, which demonstrates the theory of government guiding behavior and the necessity of the festival tourism introducing guiding behavior.This research adopts a method that combines the theoretical research and case analysis. By inductively analyzing the content of the past research of the festival activities, and the government behavior etc, it dissects the behavior patterns of government doing in the festival tourism activities, and defines the guiding behavior of local governments. it emphatically analyzes the theoretical basis of government guiding behavior and the necessity of the guiding behavior regulating the festival tourism, and the positive role what government guiding behavior played in the sustainable and healthy development of the festival tourism, so that to supply the theoretical support to define the positioning, policy effect and public service etc. Introduce the illustration the government behavior in the Wuqiao International Acrobatics Festival, and research and analyze the government guiding behavior of in the Wuqiao International Acrobatics Festival:first of all, from the organization and management behavior of the government, marketing behavior and public service behavior, this paper analyses the roles the government behavior played in these areas; secondly, introduce the questionnaire investigation mechanism to assess organizational behavior, marketing behavior, public service behavior; finally, this paper analyzes emphatically actual situations of the evolution and current situation and bottleneck of Wuqiao International Acrobatic, and discusses the series of the problems that in the process of hosting the Acrobatic, the Shijiazhuang, Cangzhou and other local governments over believe that the role the government-dominated behavior played in the development of tourism, producing the government guiding behavior not enough and unhealthy development of the industry. Directing at the shortcomings and deficiency, based on the guiding thought of the government guiding the development of festival tourism industry, the essay further proposes a development way of perfect the local government guiding behavior. Meanwhile, combined with the actual working experience of participating in Wuqiao Acrobatics Festival, the paper detailly analyzes the government behavior in Wuqiao International Acrobatics Festival, and according to the lack of the local government guiding behavior in Acrobatics Festival put forward reasonable and feasible suggestions and strategies.The research of the government guiding behavior forms conclusions. Firstly, using the theories of government guiding behavior, the paper specifically analyzes the government guiding behavior in Wuqiao International Acrobatic, discusses the missing that the local government guided in Wuqiao International Acrobatic, and sums up the deficiency of the government guiding behavior. Secondly, from the angle of feasibility, the paper further explains the perfect and optimized thought of the government guiding behavior, emphasizes that the multi-agent interaction such as society, government and market should be scientifically orientated and the correctly guided, at the same time, the paper puts forward the targeted and reasonable proposals of the construction of the local government guiding behavior.
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