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Research Of Several Questions On Cooperation Relationship In Supply Chain Alliance

Posted on:2004-07-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Z WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360095956758Subject:Business management
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Cooperation is the essence of supply chain alliance that makes it work well.This paper analyzes the process of establishment of cooperation relationship in supply chain alliance step by step. First ,by comparing the supply chain with the vertical integration strategy systematicly,this paper points out that the two strategies have their own strengths and weaknesses. Although the supply chain is a new thing that appears in the new economics of the 21st century, enterprises should consider their own properties and environmental factors when deciding whether to select the supply chain alliance or to select the vertical integration strategies. Second, this paper discusses the selection of associates in supply chain alliance. The supply chain is divided into two stages, the first stage is called production stage, the second stage is called marketing and selling stage. In the first stage, this paper puts forward a new model of supplier selection. By distinguishing the objective indexes and the subjective indexes, the new model combines the DEA model with the AHP model to analyze the suppliers, then, the suppliers are classified to four types. In the second stage, this paper analyzes how to select the selling associates to establish the relationship marketing strategies. The third, this paper establishes a linear programming modal to solve the optimal order quantities allocation. This paper points out that the price, quality, the level of supplying on time, the level of after-sales service and so on can be regarded as resources that the suppliers can provide, and proposes a concept called the comprehensive level of resources exploitation which can be used to evaluate the comprehensive effect of order quantities allocation of one product between several suppliers. A relative index is presented to measure the comprehensive level of resources exploitation. The index is fit for comparison between several order quantities allocation plans in different time to evaluate which plan exploits the resources of suppliers more effectively. Based on the highest comprehensive level of resources exploitation, this paper establishes a linear programming modal to solve the optimal order quantities allocation. The fourth, this paper analyzes the incentive policies in the supply chain alliance, and then establishes a value-increasing index of supply chain. By using this index in a transfer payment mechanism,this paper illuminates how to stimulate supply chain associates in order to make them take cooperative strategies. Finally, the supplier relationship management of a factory in chongqing is discussed and some measurements are presented to improvethe supplier relationship. This paper establishes an elementary framework of supplier relationship management. The further research on this field is expected.
Keywords/Search Tags:supply chain alliance, supply chain management, associates selection, the cooperative relationship, incentive policies, the comprehensive level of resources exploitation
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