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Xinqiao Mining Corporation Marketing Strategy Research

Posted on:2004-08-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360095960340Subject:Business Administration
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Under the impact of the imported sulphur, Xinqiao Mining Corporation has been seriously injured. It is vital to have a correct marketing strategy in such condition.According to relative theories in marketing, strategy management, microeconomics, operation research, consumer behavior, and etc., this article has briefly introduced the general character of Chinese mining industry and pyrite after much marketing research. In this article economic environment, natural and technological environment, politic and law environment about macro environment have been researched. The microenvironment has been studied via the Five Competitors Analysis. The personality, fund, technology, information, and etc. about the inner condition have also been covered. According to SWOT, the marketing strategy is: to cultivate competition capacity, use resource advantages, leadconsumers, enlarge the market, and grow larger together with the consumers by way of perfect service and universal marketing ways. After these, the article comes out the marketing strategy direction and strategy task, and the task has been analyzed into smaller parts. At the guide of the general marketing strategy, the article comes out the seven kinds of strategy: product strategy, price strategy, place strategy, leading requirement strategy, corporation identity strategy, loyalty strategy and industry penetration strategy. In order to allocate marketing resource efficiently, the AHP model has been used. The result of this is that Xinqiao Corporation should put greater emphasis on product strategy, price strategy and place strategy while carrying out the marketing strategy. From the outer and inner environment analysis, it can be deduced that the three kinds of main strategy can help Xinqiao Corporation use the resource advantage and decrease the threat from the environment. At the end of this article, marketing auditing has been used to ensure that the marketing strategy be correctly put into operation.In this article game theory has been used to analysis the price strategy, and AHP model to decide the relevant importance of each strategy. The quantity analysis has made the result more accurate.
Keywords/Search Tags:marketing strategy, game theory, AHP model
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