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Flexible Design Mechanism And Its Application In Decision Support System For Production Scheduling

Posted on:2003-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q H PangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360095962211Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Nowadays in the market, winner comes out from competition between enterprises mainly by its products' supply cycle and quality and the level of post-sale services. The advanced management is an important means to reach the goals above. But scheduling is the core and the key technique of the management. The task of scheduling is to define the processing order and processing time of the correlative resources on the correlative equipment within the restriction of limited resources of enterprise and to ensure the selected production target is the optimum. A scientific scheduling will play an important role on controlling the stock of the manufacture, shortening products' supply cycle, enhancing the satisfaction of the product delivery and raising productivity.With the change of market, the environment the enterprises face is complicated and changeful, for example, shorter and shorter the product's life cycle, the frequent technology revolution, the uncertainty of supply resources, the tailor-made production and individual service, JIT, Agile, etc., especially, with group technology widely applied the product is various and technology process is quite different from each other. All these make production process become vary complicated. How to survive in the changeful environment is a severe ordeal for every enterprise. The experience makes known that flexibility is an indispensable ingredient for the enterprises to survive and develop in such acutely variable environment.From the point of flexibility, the meaning of flexibility and its measuring methods are discussed. Following these, the multitudinous factors which affect scheduling in actual production process and some theories which solve problems of flexible scheduling are presented, then based on these, a feasible solution in theory has been put forward. Introduced flexibility to designing decision-making supporting system, the advanced procedure mind, which can solve problem of quite complicated scheduling by flexible design mechanism, has been advanced. In the paper, with flexible design mechanism. Windows 2000 Advanced Server OS and PowerBuilder7.0. a prototype of algorithm has been drafted to design decision supportmulti-type and small-batch production scheduling.The multi-type and small-batch Heuristic Algorithm used in Job-Shop has been proved as Non-polynomial difficult problem in the world. Non-polynomial complete algorithm to deal with the problem of Job-Shop process scheduling is impossible to find optimum solution in theory, so the problem can only be solved with satisfaction answer or near optimum solution. From this aspect, a model of Heuristic Algorithm has been built to get the satisfaction answer to the question.Another important aspect of the thesis is using the programming tools to realize the transform from manual work to computer-aided scheduling. Applying different optimization methods for different optimization goals: Fmax, Tmax, Cmax, and incorporating with flexible controlling technology, reengineering technology can reorganize the manufacture processing. Operational flexibility of the system, sharing system information in deep level and developing product data (PD) of enterprise in depth are the very three points of difficulty.Finally, an example from Nanjing Yangtze Petrochemical Maintenance and Installation Co., LTD to produce processing 'Technique Regulations' with such system is given and analyzed in simulation. The result of Algorithm proves the feasibility and reasonableness of adopting the Algorithm in such system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Flexible scheduling, combinatorial optimization, NP-hard, Heuristic Algorithms, Prototype Method
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