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Study On The Dynamics Of Cultivated Land Quality

Posted on:2004-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360095962406Subject:Land Resource Management
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With high intensive exploitation and quantity decrease of cultivated land in China, it is significant to make a research on the quality dynamics of the arable land. On the basis of defining the quality of cultivated land as natural, economic and healthy qualities, this paper establishes an index system of the transformation of cultivated land quality in the region of a county, and conducts a research by using the model formulated. Lastly, this paper makes a case study of Jintan County, Jiangsu Province,Chapter1 Introduction This chapter mainly discusses the background and the significance of the research on dynamics of cultivated land quality, and analyses the quantification of cultivated land, the existing situation and achievements, and thus founds a solid basis for the research of this paper.Chapter2 Summarization of dynamic transformation of cultivated land quality Firstly, the basic conceptions are given, such as cultivated land and its quality. Some theories about ecology and system are brought forward to prove the feasibility of the research. Lastly, the two forms of the cultivated land transformation are described qualitatively.Chapter3 Principles and approaches of the research on dynamic transformation of cultivated land quality In this part, firstly, some research principles are introduced. And then three approaches are presented from three different angles of social statistics, economics and systematic theory.Chapter4 Formulating the evaluation index system of dynamic transformation of cultivated land quality Firstly, comparisons among commonly-used index systems are conducted. Then the meanings and expressions of each index are discussed in detail. Finally, an index system for dynamics of arable land quality is established.Chapter5 Research approaches in county region This chapter mainly discusses and formulates the technical route of the research, including the particular methods to standardize indices' values, to evaluate the power to each index and to weigh the comprehensive quality of cultivated land.Chapter6 Positive study on Jintan County This part makes a case study of Jintan County, and draws the conclusion about the dynamics of cultivated land quality in this county.Chapter7 Epilogue In this part, the whole research is summarized and suggestions for the further study are made.
Keywords/Search Tags:cultivated land, cultivated land quality, dynamics, Jintan County
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