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Research On The Investment Strategy Of Pazhihua Steel& Iron Co.,Ltd

Posted on:2004-01-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Z LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122460253Subject:Business Administration
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While the competition of socialization large-scale manufacture and production, the science and technology develop so rapidly, the chances and challenges faced by Chinese steel industry enterprises is investment management, which turned from traditional surroundings into new epoch, that is, Its investment strategy gets the upper hand of other enterprises time. One enterprise, which owns profound investment strategy insight could be successful tunelessly, depends on enhancing enterprise philosophy and establishing relevant strategy thinking view. After China entered into WTO, The steel enterprises face the world competition. To constitute investment strategy meeting the epoch developing needs is one of the important tasks which decides whether enterprise can live and develop in the drastic competitive internal and international market. It is a critical problem confronted to the steel enterprises.This paper analyses Pan steel group investment strategy background in new situation and position, then it indicates the various factors which should be considered while establishes the enterprise investment strategy. Through applying the new investment strategy theory and introducing the Pan steel subjective investment programming and activities, paper also analyses entirely and systematically its investment strategy and present relevant countermeasures and advices:Firstly, this paper introduces the relevant strategy and investment strategy theory and knowledge, and the signification to research it. Then it analyses the macro-economic environment and industry background, and the relation between the new economic increasing mode and investment strategy. This paper also points out the pressures and opportunities when the Pan steel faces the global competition after China formally joined into WTO.Secondly, this paper introduces relevant information about assets management and capital operation of Pan steel, then analyses the relation and difference between assets management and capital operation. Through thinking about low cost expanding by the bridge of capital, the writer presents the selective projects of objective mode of Pan steel capital operation.Finally, the writer analyses the investment environment and gives a SWOT analyze. Then referencing the succeed experience of advanced enterprises, the paper analyses entirely how to make out the investment strategy, and point out theprinciples and methods and short-term and middle-long term investment strategies and relevant advices how to enforce it. Reasonably, in the end, the paper gets its conclusion and indicates the countermeasure of Pan steel group. The countermeasure can be used for reference to involved department.
Keywords/Search Tags:investment environment, capital operation, investment strategy, investment industrialization, countermeasure
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