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The Study On The Problem Of Japanese Direct Investment In China

Posted on:2004-02-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122961175Subject:World economy
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Differing from indirect foreign investment, direct foreign investment is a more and more important foreign investment form with the development of world economy unification. Aiming at controlling the foreign enterprise's ownership,direct foreign investment takes the following measures, such as, setting up self - ownedenterprise, joint venture enterprise, cooperative enterprise and purchasing or merging foreign enterprise. The paper concentrates on Japanese divect investment in China, making study on some concerned problems.After the Second World War, Japanese economy made great development. On the basis of the surplus in trade account and current account, Japan became the biggest Capital outflow country and abroad mortgage country,also the second economic country lagging behind America. China is the biggest developing Country in the world. Looking back the history, The increase of Japanese direct investment in China between 1979 and 2001 is always the sparkle which can not be neglected and main melody in the China - Japan economic interflow. Since China opened its door to the foreign world, Japan has made its run the 4th in the number of projects, contract sum and actual exective sum of the direct investment in China. We can see Japan plays a very important role during the direct investment in China. But, Japanese direct investment is not always smooth with its peak and valley alternatively which have some factors, such as, Japanese foreign investment strategy, domestic economic factors also Chinese political and economic factors. At present, what will be the influence on both Countries trade? What will be the points China takes care of in our future work to draw in Japanese capital? All these question are main concerns. The study and discussion on these question will facilitate enlarging and increasing the scale and quality of Chinese absorbing Japanese Capital.The body is composed of five parts. In the first part, it analyzes the developingprocess, the regional structure characteristic and industrial Characteristic of Japanese direct investment in China, also summarizes some characteristics such as, the multiplicity of investment aim,body and way since the ninety's.The second part is the motive of Japanese direct investment in China. From some theories, especially the theory of marginal industrial expansion, we can learn the motive of Japanese direct investment in China. On the basis of the motive, The essay analyzes some investment strategy, such as, export - process - basis type strategy, market - merge type strategy and so on.In the third part, it analyzes the decision process of Japanese direct investment in China, the psychal behavior characteristic of investment, also the confirmation of region . Futhermore, it analyzes the direct investment of Japanese in detail.The fourth part is the relationship between Japanese direct investment in China and China - Japan trade. The datum of theory and practice explain that Japanese direct investment in China promotes bilateral trade and improves the trade structure.The fifth part is the message part, which analyzes several problems that should be paid attention to during the Japanese divect investment in China. It also gives some advice in the following Chinese drawing work. For example, we should improve the investment environment and increase technology-oriented investment, also improvethe investment environment in the mid - western region of China to draw the investment to these areas.
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