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Study Of The Measures For Quickening The Development Of Tianjin Water Conservancy

Posted on:2005-09-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122487456Subject:Public Management
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Water, which is necessary for the existing of human being and for the developing of social economy, is one of the most important materials and natural resources. Water conservancy is a great cause which promote benefit and abolish harm to people and society. This paper studies the main body and characteristics of water conservancy, the present status of Tianjin water conservancy, the ways for improving it and measures for quickening the developing of Tianjin water conservancy are presented. The emphases of the paper are described as follows: Water conservancy is basic industry which provides water, electricity and other kind of services for lightening or abolishing harm caused by water through the use of water conservancy facilities or other non-engineering measures. Apart from the common characteristics of basic industry such as energy industry or transportation industry, water conservancy has its own characteristics. The main characteristics are : systematic management, providing variant services, random in both quality and quantity, different benefit, multi-function. On the basis of analyzing the present status of Tianjin water conservancy, the following viewpoints are presented: For the purposes of developing water conservancy of metropolis as well as of countryside and for the purposes of speeding up the process for constructing water-saving society in order to satisfy the demand of water for the development of productive forces combined with people's material and cultural life , the sustainable developing ideology should be adhered to, furthermore, the policies should be emphasized on overall planning, unifying planning with due consideration for all concerned, tackling problems both on surfaces and on roots, combining measures for promoting benefits with abolishing harm ,combining measures for flooding controlling and preventing waterlogging. Under the bearing capacity of water resources, the coordination development of population, natural resources and environment should be payed attention to. In addition, measures of broadening sources and reducing expenditure as well as protecting should be adopted. The measures for quickening the development of Tianjin water conservancy are presented as follows: first, to establish scientific planning system, second, to improve investing system to increase the amount of investment, third, to establish reasonable mechanism of water price and to strengthen the management of charging , forth, to strengthen the management of engineering and to deepen the reform of engineering managing system, fifth, to establish and to amplify law and regulation system and to advance the process of administrating under the guidance by law and regulation, sixth, to carry out scientific and technological means in order to promoting the development of water conservancy.
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