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The Study On Distinguishing Between The First And Second Classes In The Water Conservancy Projects And The Means Of Fund Raising

Posted on:2005-12-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M P ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122475246Subject:Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
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The construction projects of water conservancy are multi-purpose utilization projects mostly. Different departments and different areas are benefited from them. They benefit the economic, social and also environmental sectors. The social benefit and environmental benefit are part of public welfare. But normally investment enterprises or individuals are not willing to invest in the public welfare such as water conservancy. So government must participate in the investment and management for the part of public welfare. The distinguishing between the first and second classes in the water conservancy projects is to define the proportion between the parts of public welfare and economic operation, specify investment share and management responsibility of government, provide theoretic basis for the means and methods of fund raising.The result of the relatively thorough research is given in this paper on distinguishing between the first and second classes in the water conservancy projects and then the means and methods of fund raising for public welfare. Major content is as follows.1. The present construction stuation of water conservancy and hydropower engineering of our country are researched and the problems exited are summarized, the history and progress of investment distribution and classification of the water conservancy project are discussed.2. The methods for apportionment of expenses are studied systematically. Five common methods used frequently in China are reviewed and their advantages and disadvantages are summarized. Some problems are pointed out when these methods are used. Also the existent mathematical models of investment distribution are researched, and it is recommended to adopt the method of multiple-person cooperation game shapely value and the method of division and square of general analyses.3. Methods are discussed on distinguishing the different classes of water conservancy projects. Method is given for specifying the welfare asset in synthesized water conservancy projects.4. The channels and methods of fund raising for water conservancy projects are analyzed. Several kinds of new financing ways are brought forward for public welfare, the construction project capital compensation problem of public welfare is discussed.5. The Luntan key project of water conservancy is exampled to calculate the investment apportionment, the class of this project is determined applying the methods mentioned above.Summary for this research is given finally, some problems needed to further research are brought forward.
Keywords/Search Tags:Water Conservancy Project, Classification, Investment Distribution, Public Welfare, Economic Operation, Capital Raising
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