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The Setting-Up Of The Assessment System And Positive Research In Regional Sustainable Development Of Hebei Province

Posted on:2005-07-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H XingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122488290Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Sustainable development has been widely accepted and approved in the world since it turned up as a kind of conception and strategy.Domestic and international scholars have already studied and discussed it in many aspects.Of them there is an essential and nonavoiding question which is how to assess the state and degree of regional sustainable development,in a word how to set up a set of assessment system.This is one of the key problems,difficult point in sustainable development, and is sustainable development itself is waiting to be solved urgently as well.Sustainable development is a huge system, which involved economy, society, environment and resource subsystem, and involved contemporary and progeny people's factor of time as well. The state, the response, the pressure are also embodied in the system.However,up until now,all the assessment systems are described from a certain angle alone.It extremely doesn't adapt to the trend of sustainable development. After recommending and probing into the relevant theories of sustainable development in detail, and with reference to the research results home and abroad, the thesis offers an assessment system of sustainable development based on multidimensional system plus the current situation of Hebei province. Sustainable development is reduced to three subsystems of economy, society, ecology, also designed out 12, 14, 10 assessment indexes separately.It carries on the time and concrete analysis influenced to every index , carries on certain analysis to the attribute of the index as well.The assessment system reflects not only the connotation of the sustainable development,but also the embodiment time, field and the influenction of the assessment system. In accordance with the assessment system of regional sustainable development, and utilizing principal component analysis and cluster analysis of economic statistical and AHP, the thesis makes a positive assess of regional sustainable development of Hebei province in 2002, and then points out some questions based on the assess. At last the thesis puts forward some suggestions about regional sustainable development of Hebei province.
Keywords/Search Tags:regional, sustainable development, assessment system, positive research, economic statistical analysis, The Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP)
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