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The Synthesized Competitiveness Of Regional Economy

Posted on:2004-09-28Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H L HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360095462329Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Since the 1980s, especially entering the 1990s, accompanied with increased local authority and capacity in managing regional economic activities, regional economic competitiveness have attracted attentions from scholars as well as from others. More and more people agree that, to accelerate the development of the regional economy, it is very important to improve the synthesized competitiveness of regional economy. However, what does it mean - the synthesized competitiveness of regional economy? How do we analyze the synthesized competitiveness qualitatively or quantitatively? To answer these questions, after a complete review of related domestic and international researches, this memoir attempts to synthetically using Economic Competition Theory, the Regional Economic Theory and the Competitiveness Theory to analyze the concept, connotation, and major factors of the synthesized competitiveness of regional economy. Taking advantage of related research findings, both domestically and internationally, the author researched and analyzed systematically on how to establish an evaluation index system on regional economic synthesized competitiveness. Major analytic approaches include, but not limit to, Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), Principle Component Analysis, Cluster Analysis and Balance Sheet Analysis. Empirical study and comparative analysis are used in this study, to demonstrate the distribution characteristics and developing trends of the synthesized economic competitiveness, at the province level. A development strategy is proposed for Jiangsu. based on in depth analysis of the synthesized economic competitiveness of Jiangsu. Table of Contents Chapter One Introduction.Brief introduced the objectives of research, current status of relevant researches, research methodology, major conclusions, advancement and shortcomings of the research.Chapter Two Theory on Regional Economic Competition"Literature review on major theoretical development in synthesized competitiveness of regional economy, including Economic Competition Theory, Regional Economic Theory and Regional Economy Competitiveness. The section on related researches on competitiveness of regional economy, focused on introducing the national competitiveness evaluation system established by World Economic Forum (WEF), Porter's regional competitiveness model, Economies Daily's evaluation index on competitiveness of regional economy, Shenzhen General Development Research Institute's regional economic competitiveness index, Fujian Province regional competitiveness evaluation index system. It provides an overview of the current development, domestic and international, in competitiveness research. Chapter Three The Contents and Classification of Synthesized Competitiveness ofRegional EconomyThe synthesized competitiveness of regional economy is an overall evaluation index of a region's economic strength and growth potential. It composed of a series of indices measuring economic strength and developing potential of the region, reflecting current and potential competitiveness of a region's economy. Five major categories are included in the computation of the index, including economic congregation and diffusion capacity, economic growth capacity, economic development capacity, economy & resource integration capacity and innovation capacity. The regional development is the result of orchestration of multiple factors. By the same token, the synthesized competitiveness of regional economy is a complex system composed of complex key elements, including soft competitiveness and hard competitiveness, current competitiveness and potential competitiveness, local competitiveness and integrated competitiveness etc. Generally speaking, the synthesized competitiveness of regional economy depends on the utilization of regional strengths and avoidance of regional weaknesses. Therefore, the discussion of composition of the synthesized competitiveness of regional economy must be combined with the analysis of the regional strengths. The regional strengths are compo...
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