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Study On The Development Of High &New Technology Industrial Development Zone In China

Posted on:2005-01-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122489417Subject:Philosophy of science and technology
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Since the beginning of 1980s, the scholars in China had been researching into the development modes of High and New Technology Industrial Development Zone (hereinafter referred to HNTZ), which was valuable for the establishment and development of our country's HNTZs. Nevertheless, the studies on the HNTZs have mainly focused on the annotations of the overseas theories related to the HNTZs and the summarization of the foreign HNTZs' development modes. It was weak on the study of the appropriate development modes matched with our country's existing conditions, including the management framework, the government roles in the HNTZs' development, etc., and also it was just beginning to probe into the venture investment, the key factor deciding whether the HNTZs have a good development or not. However, above measures are quite needed to accelerate the development of the HNTZs. The dissertation, based on the generalization of the scholars' studying conclusions and data analysis, specializes in the problems of lack of innovativeness and the venture investment mechanism in the development of HNTZs.The way of discussion in this thesis is from macroscopic to microscopic and from the general introduction to the key points. Five chapters are included:Chapter 1, based on expressions of relative concepts, epitomizes the developing modes and course during development of HNTZs in China and overseas. Meanwhile, it reviews the theories of "growth pole and diffusion", "business incubator" and "the join of three aspects", which make a full preparation for the next analysis.Chapter 2, by comparing the economic development of the hi-new technology enterprises located both in and outside HNTZs, identifies the prevailing problems of lack of innovativeness and venture invest mechanism. Solutions to these problems are put forward into chapter 3, 4 respectively, forming the principle line of macroscopic and microscopic research in the paper.Chapter 3 is devoted to the study of the innovation system of the HNTZs in China. The current condition of the system of innovation holds the writer's attention in this chapter in which the writer analyzes the problems existing in the system of innovation. Against these problems, the writer puts forward the idea of technological innovation mode that combines autonomous innovation with imitative innovation, and the countermeasures of institutional innovation including innovation of the management framework, construction of the policies and laws' environment, etc.Chapter 4 starts with venture capital's promoting roles in the HNTZs' development. Then on the base of the generalization of the successful experiences of venture investment in America and the analysis of the current condition of venture investment in China, it puts forward the proposed countermeasures against the main disadvantages in China's venture investment development.Chapter 5 quotes Zhongguancun as an example to support my point of view. To develop the HNTZs, it requires the support of continuous innovation and venture investment.
Keywords/Search Tags:High and New Technology Industrial Development Zone, Economic Development, Innovation System, Venture Investment, Zhongguancun Science& Technology Park
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