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Projects Evaluation Research About Venture Capital

Posted on:2005-08-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y T HongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122495513Subject:Business management
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At the beginning of the 21st century our world is being in a new stage--knowledge economy age. In this age, the core of economy development is high &new technology industry. As the high-tech industry's incubator, venture capital (v.c) becomes day by day the hot point that recognized by more and more people. Countries all over the world have being developing v.c in order to promote economy growth and country wealth. The operating procedure of v.c generally include the following stages: project obtaining, project examination and filtration, project evaluation and decision, reaching an agreement and participating in management, v.c exiting and re-investment. The evaluation of the investment projects plays a very important role in the operation of v.c. It is one of the key factors that may determine success or failure of a v.c investment. So v.c corporation should evaluate venture enterprise efficiently in order to improve profit and decrease risk. The dissertation makes a study on the evaluation of v.c project from the point of view of v.c corporation and aims to answer the following questions: What procedure can be used to evaluate the projects and how to evaluate? What index system should be established? How to evaluate the project's value?The research paper uses scientific approaches to make the qualitative and quantitative systematic analysis on the process of decision-making of the investment projects and index system of evaluation. Also the v.c projects' value evaluation are discussed in the paper. It is hoped that on the basis of the v.c evaluation mode domestic and abroad, theoretical system and v.c practical experience in China, we can summary and innovate, providing realistic foundations for v.c corporation's investment decision-making.The dissertation consists of the following researches: First, the thesis makes a detail outline of v.c intension definition, characters, functions and actual situation so that we can form a macroscopic frame of v.c. Second, the article describes the operating procedure of v.c and makes clear that project's evaluation is the key of v.c operation. Third, the paper summaries the existing theories and practices of evaluation. Then, the dissertation designs a feasible evaluation decision process diagram by means of the general analysis on evaluation decision process of v.c project. We expect that it'll be a perfect system for the efficient evaluation and the correct decision of an investment project. Fifth, the paper sets up an index system model of v.c project evaluation which fits to our country. On the ground of above model, the thesis takes each significant index into consideration in detail and accompanies the qualitative analysis with the quantitative analysis. At last, the article studies specially on the project value evaluation during the process of v.c evaluation.
Keywords/Search Tags:venture capital, project evaluation, evaluation decision process, index system, analytic hierarchy process, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, value evaluation
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