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Construction Of Performance Evaluation Index System For Employees Based On Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

Posted on:2017-10-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y M WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330488963491Subject:Applied Mathematics
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According to the current status of the organs and institutions employing,Working out the ratio of employment in the proportion of employment in government departments and institutions is gradually increased. In terms of job evaluation, Related departments take < Institution staff assessment Interim Provisions> and < Civil service examination regulations(Trial)> as assessment basis for Internal staffing.But for the purposes of the preparation of staff members, there has been no uniform assessment methods. This article aims to construct a performance evaluation index system for them scientific, rational and equitable for them according to their current situation,with mathematical methods and take the qualitative assessment quantitatively. It enables the company has a system of understanding for their work,At the same time, it can provide a practical basis for company,when it recruitment,appraisal, reappointment supernumerary staffand and recommended them to other units.At the basis of determine the relationship between various indicators,this paper construct hierarchical model with factor decomposition in AHP, and form Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP) with Fuzzy Mathematics Theory at the basis of AHP.It compares the indexs pairwisely on the same layer by expert,and construction of complementary judgment matrix based on triangular fuzzy numbers.and complete judgment matrix of single-level sort and consistency checking with the method of sort confidence.after this temp,we can get the weight of indicators by formula,finally, we can get the final rating score by multiplying the Fuzzy Evaluation scoring matrix and the corresponding weight vector. So that when people can judge for brain thinking by some vague concept or data evaluation to quantify, it can also increase the credibility of the results of the evaluation and accuracy. Compared with traditional methods,it makes the degree of importance indexes clearly, and avoids the occurrence of unfairsituations because of personal preferences, let the qualitative issues get quantitative answers,therefor,it can improve the scientifity and rationality when organizations and institutions assess the supernumerary staff,it can also improve the level of management. The study of assess for supernumerary staff has some reference value for other units.The main research results are as follows:1?According to the working condition of supernumerary staff, through surveying collection, Determined assessment indicators after statistics and filter, and establishing a hierarchical model based on the relationship among the indexes.2?Using Fuzzy mathematical theory at the based of AHP, achieve the application of AHP, through the comparison of index on every layer by expert, constructing fuzzy complementary judgment matrix on the basis of Triangular fuzzy number,through the formula of weight calculate for complementary fuzzy consistent matrix,get the weight vector of index on every layer.3?When it is level sorting and consistency checking,this paper takes confidence sort method to hierarchical ordering and consistency checking,at the bases of triangular fuzzy number judgment matrix.4?It combine the weights with FAHP and the score with Fuzzy Evaluation,there is a final quantitative results for different employees.
Keywords/Search Tags:Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process, Triangular fuzzy number complementary judgment matrix, Sort confidence, Performance evaluation, Index system
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