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China Construction Bank Online Banking Development Strategy Study

Posted on:2005-12-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360122496840Subject:Business Administration
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Nowadays, the informational technological revolutions which takes Internet as the core is coming , computers technology also comes from the "client /server" era into the era that the network is omnipresent, and taking the network application as the core. The development of the information technology is not the simple technological progress, it will bring the transition of the whole social behavior mode. The banking in the tide of technical development of the information will stand the challenge constantly equally, Thus it will make its own functions innovate constantly. In this case, it is the inevitable choice that the bank develops the online banking. Online banking will welcome the gold period for development in several years of the future.The foreign online banking has already entered relatively stable developing stage, but the online banking has just started in our country. As our country joins WTO, the bank of the foreign capitals will come to invest and compete with us all-sidedly. The bank of the foreign capitals will not establish in a wide range of the branch networks a little more, But combine the electronic means which includes its experienced, modern techniques and its advanced services, marketing variety and theory , Especially regard online bank as representatives, to contend for markets and take the customer. So the domestic business bank accelerates the development of he online bank becomes inevitable.In this case, studying the domestic business banks , especially the relevant problem of the online banking of state-run business banks, drawing lessons from the technological solution of the online banking of western business bank, and the online bank development model adopted, have unusual meanings to the development tactics of probing into online banks of the business bank of our country, This is exactly the starting point of this text and main purpose too.This article analysis the develops of the online bank of the western business bank on the reason, current situation and development model, getting in touch with the development case of the online banking of China Construction Bank closely ę”¾here is a representative instance in business banks in our country, the current situation developed to its online banking and question existing, Propose the relevant tactics of the technology, online marketing, customer relation management and security etc. which are suitable for our country business banks develop online bank.On the research approach, some theory tools have been used in this article, including the theory of marketing, economics and management .Using the practical experience that the western business bank develops for reference at the same time , especially the relevant experience and lessons, the articles has drawn some achievements in research of the domestic and international academia, Have put forward its own view and suggestion on the basis of this. On the research approach, the article is main and heavy in real analysis, the theory analysis that desalinizes somerelatively, hope that the results of the analysis that can offer helpful reference for practice of the development online banking of business bank in our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:Online bank, SWOT analysis, Technological tactics, Online marketing, CRM, Security tactics
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