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Risk Management Of Water Conservancy Project Employer

Posted on:2005-10-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L G TianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122972292Subject:Architecture and Civil Engineering
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The Water Conservancy Capital Project has conspicuous society and economic effect, but it has the characteristic of high investment ,long construction period and complicate structures. There are many indefinite factors that they have impact on the construction and the economic effect.All these factors depend on lots of objective conditions such as politics, economic, society and natural world which are so random and no prediction. So there are much risk exist in the construction of the project . The reform of water conservancy capital management system in our country demands the water conservancy capital project employer to undertake risks in investment ,so it's very important to manage and research the risks of the employer of water conservancy capital project in our country .Risk-management was introduced into Chain as a synthetically edging-subject during middle 1980's. In the thesis the author has expatiates on the risk of engineering projects and the theory of risk-management and the method, the author has established the model of employer risks management system of water conservancy capital project in our country applied the theory and the method. Then the author has applied the model to the A project and researched the risks of the employer at the end period of strcture .After analyzing the risks , the author has bring forward the keep-away and control-measure about the risks.
Keywords/Search Tags:water conservancy project, Employer risk, Risk-management evalation model, Risk contool
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