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The Research On Risk Management Of The Planning And Design Stage Of H Government Project

Posted on:2015-09-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Government Project risk management is a branch of risk management, projectmanagement part, is widely used in the management of various government projects being.Based on the project risk management theory to sort out a government program todetermine the characteristics of risk management, a government project to build riskmanagement processes. Combined with H project, the selected project planning and designphases of risk management studies, respectively, from investment estimates, planning anddesign of the three aspects of planning a detailed description, prediction from risk, riskidentification, risk assessment, risk monitoring and risk response five aspects of riskmanagement describes the characteristics of government projects. Attempts by H projectplanning and design stage of the study to establish risk management systems to answergovernment-related project risk management issues.
Keywords/Search Tags:government project risk management, project management, risk prediction, risk identification, risk assessment, risk monitoring
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