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The Research Of Risk Management To Power House And Tunnel Project

Posted on:2005-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360152470439Subject:Industrial Engineering
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Hydropower project is a large scale engineering. There are two character with Hydropower project, one, Its construction time is long, another, there are many factors to affect him. The risk factors of Hydropower project are very complex, as we know, the effect of the riskfactors is very big, so the risk management is very important in the Hydropower project.The risk management to project constitute of risk identification and risk analysis and risk control. Risk management in construction work occurs at several levels:It is one of the major purposes of profession education and qualification to provide a pool of people with the technical knowledge and skill to assess and minimize the risk inherent in construction.It is the major purpose of quality risk management-the monitoring of the processes by which design and other professional tasks are carried out by design professionals, construction is carried out by contractors and materials and components are manufactured by suppliers , and which should also regulate all the peripheral tasks required for successful construction.This thesis make a research of risk management to power house and tunnel project.risk management theory is integrate with engineering technology, we can find all sorts of risks in engineering with risk identification, then, we should make risk analysis and risk control.Risk analysis is that we make analysis on engineering by integrateing risk management theory with other management ways, find these risks in engineering, and classfy them by soult.The ways to control risk may be analysed two , the one is comprehensive risk management ways, the other is pritice risk management ways, but, when we use these ways we must integrate them.It is useful that we make risk management in engineering with the process of working, it is very important that our risk management work must integrate with pratice, because pratice should improve, our theory should improve.
Keywords/Search Tags:Hydropower project, Risk management, Risk identification, Risk analysis, Risk control
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