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Transform The Government Functions In Terms Of New Period

Posted on:2005-03-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122991628Subject:Administrative Management
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Government function is the needs that national executive authority develops according to economic construction and society, is exercising administrative right. The duty that undertaken in course and function. Change government function is so as administrative right is basic government duty, Development, conversion and the change of function, it signifies the change of government administrative right and the change of administration way .As well as the raising of government administrative ability and administrative efficiency. Change government function is the key, its purpose of structural reorganization. It is to make the economic management function of government change really from the past direct management enterprise of" grandmother " when enterprise work out and carry out macro-control policy , better infrastructure , create the good environment of economic growth to come up, so as is suitable should development and the requirement of socialist market economy.Government is Chinese market melt reform initiate with enforcement, its management system is in entire domestic system. The position of moral nature, and the crucial factor in government management system is government function problem, this problem in enter lifetime. It is rear and more outstanding. Have had few years by addition of WTO , is global and economic to bring more and more deep shadow to government function. Government function will how to change is the significant problem that need to reply. Along with the government of our country structural reorganization unceasing ,Thorough development is in government function change course , our country have already solved a batch of department step by step between function deliver justice , Repetitive problem and government function change to have got good beginning: But government function still has many aspect that can not suit with satisfy new period the objective requirement of the development of socialist market economy.This paper utilizes politics , management,economics and laws to study , the subjects such as economy and law reason fall knowledge for new period government. Related theory of function change is explained , have suggested that new period is been faced with among government function change course. Is manyto stress problem , and have established government function change according to the special historical background of related theoretical and new period. Goal and principle have given government the last location of function, try finally and have put forward government function change channel. Develop train of thought. Hope to analysis these problems, the ideology of definite people carries government organization forward. Reform realize new period really the effective change of government function.
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