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The Study On The Animal Husbandry Development Of Jiuquan Oasis

Posted on:2005-07-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122991924Subject:Physical geography
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The animal husbandry is regarded as the important component in Chinese agriculture; it plays a very important role to development of the agriculture and the rural economy in China. The scheme of The Tenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development points out clearly: accelerating the development of the animal husbandry, the proportion of output value of national animal husbandry to agricultural gross output value will be up to about 33% in 2005. Jiuquan Oasis is located in the Northwest arid region of China; there are the superior resources, the large land area fitting for the animal husbandry, and the good conditions of developing the animal husbandry. But the development of Animal husbandry does not match the advantage of its resource. Based on statistics data, the output value of animal husbandry only occupies 20.52% of the agricultural gross output value in Jiuquan Oasis in 2002, but generally above 50% in the developed countries. There are great disparities between Jiuquan Oasis and our country, far lag behind the developed country. The ecological environment is fragile in Jiuquan Oasis, such as the desertification aggravating, the underwater table dropping, the meadow depredating etc. In order to solve these problems, the people's ideas must be changed in the agricultural production and management; the animal husbandry must be developed energetically. Under the new situation of the economic globalization and our country joining to WTO, an important subject in front of us is how to give play to the resource advantages of the animal husbandry in Jiuquan Oasis; to utilize two kinds of international and domestically resources and markets fully; to optimize resource distribution; to improve the development level of the animal husbandry; to study and make the new thoughts of the development and to realize the benign cycle of economic benefits, the social benefit and ecological benefits. Because of these, the author has gone to Jiuquan to investigate the staru quito to the best of his ability in 2001. The author has collected a lot of data as the basic research materials of this thesis with the comrade's support in the Animal Husbandry Bureau, the Water Conservancy Bureau, and the Land Board in Jiuquan.Basis on the statu quito, the basis of the selecting title, the main theoretical foundations and the researching approachs, the thesis analyses the advantage of the development animal husbandry and the existing questions in Jiuquan Oasis. The author thinks the restricting factors in animal husbandry development are the limited meadow area, the serious soil erosion, the land determinations, the worse management regime, the severe hazard on mice, the fluctuating product in meadow and so on. And then the author has appraised the ecological fragility in Jiuquan Oasis. The analytic approach of the level (AHP) will be adopted to judge the important influential factors of the development of the animal husbandry of Jiuquan Oasis. Finally, the author puts forward the countermeasures and the suggestions in the development of the animal husbandry in Jiuquan Oasis, which are to confirm the rational amount of domestic animal loaded ;to protect the meadow resource and to develop the high-quality artificial meadow energetically; to Implement the virtual water strategy in order to alleviate the ecological environment pressure in Jiuquan Oasis; to advance the industrialization process of animal husbandry energetically; to process and utilize crops by product in the agricultural district; to strengthen the construction of shelter forest of Qilian Mountains; to organize the seasonal production of the animal husbandry; to popularize the fatten poultries technology in the other land; to strengthen the rational planning of the production of the animal husbandry; to increase fund input; to accelerate the basic construction of the animal husbandry and to prevent and cure the grassland which mouse hurt. The thesis expects to be able to offer the scientific decision basis to the social economic development in...
Keywords/Search Tags:the animal husbandry, Jiuquan Oasis, analysis, the countermeasures and the suggestions, the virtual water
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