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Research On Customer Relationship Management Of Telecom Based On Data Warehouse

Posted on:2005-06-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122992495Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Customer Relationship Management was produced by the drastic market competition, the development of information technology and the change of management ideology. It's objective is in order to improve customer's value and loyalty and to gain in the enterprise's earning and boost efficiency. Who can grasp the market's pulse and satisfy the customer's need to products, the enterprise will win the customer and market, and it will survive and develop.After China's Accession to WTO, the opening of telecom market's foundation service and Value-added service will be imperative under the situation. In the face of the pressure of competitor that come from inside and outside, the customer data resource that get together for years become the biggest competition advantage of the telecom operators. So how to manage the relationship between enterprise and customer, advance the quality of service, keep the valuable customer, develop the new customer, all these need CRM to provide the effective decision support.The objective of telecom enterprise's CRM construction is to exhume the abundant customer resource increasingly, provide customer more individuation service, sustain the enterprise's product and service, build up the benign telecom enterprise figure, enhance the customer satisfaction and loyalty, and accordingly make the telecom enterprise obtain income steadily. The management model of telecom enterprise CRM has operator type and analysis type.With the development of market economy, enterprises need to heighten their data analyses ability. This kind of analyses can reflect enterprise's practical course and make out scientific decision only which based on the data that come from enterprise inside and outside market. Through the trim and analysis of these data and the improvement of data quality and analysis ability, manager can enhance the enterprise's market competition.Now the telecom enterprises in China already have possessed well-round management system in many sections, which provide the impersonal condition of electronic data for data warehouse. The pressure that telecom industry faced is the exterior impetus for the foundation of data warehouse.The operation application of telecom industry include mostly: customer management, customer development analysis, anti-fraud analysis, network management analysis etc. The data analysis technique includes: OLAP, Data Mining and OLAM etc.The generic data mining method include seven steps: defining the business issue by exact state; defining the data model and data needs; preparing the data ; evaluating the data quality; choosing the data mining technique; interpreting the mining results; bringing to bear the result. This paper narrate the data warehouse's application in telecom CRM by two subject matters: using clustering analysis to fractionize the telecom customer and using data mining to guard against telecom fraud and put forward corresponding solutions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Customer Relationship Management, Clustering Analysis, Data Warehouse, Data Mining
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