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A Comparison Research On Risk Capital Withdrawing From The System--On The Construction Of Chinanasdaq

Posted on:2005-04-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122999380Subject:National Economics
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Risky investment is a process that investment company managed by specialized talents invest risky capital into those enterprises which are potential and hopeful (generally are high and new technique enterprises). This process of investment has distinctive feature of risk, but managed by highly specialized talents, the risk is dropped to minimum, and the capital is raised to maximum as far as possible. With the coming of economic era based on knowledge, industrialization of high and new technique and large-scale translation of high and new technique into productive forces, not only bring worldwide quick advancement of productive forces, but also become important mark to measure economic developmental level of every country and growth potential, and become important factor to decide the economic competitiveness of each country. And in the process of translation of scientific and technical payoffs into practical productive forces, risky investment plays a part of catalysis and support, which supports the development of high and new technique, promotes the translation of scientific and technical payoffs, meanwhile collects idle capital in the society, so becomes one kind of effective, leading investment form in the era of knowledge-driven economy.This article analyzes and summarizes tremendous impulsionfunction of construction of withdraw mechanism to the development of risky investment, and reveals deep influence of risky investment on the development of high and new technique through comparing the differences of the capital withdraw mechanism of each country. At last it analyzes the present condition and existing problems of the development of China risky investment, and puts forward that China must draw on the precious experience of western countries of developing risky investment, reinforce the construction of risky investment withdraw mechanism, quicken the steps of launching stocknasdaq, promote the development of risky investment, then achieve the end to quicken to translate scientific and technical payoffs into practical productive forces, and promote economic competitiveness of our country.The article is divided into three parts. The first part introduces the basic problems on risky capital withdraw mechanism. It defines clearly risky investment and risky capital, the conception and difference of withdraw channels and withdraw mechanism, main withdraw channels and features of risky capital, the relationship of withdraw mechanism, environment and system and the choice of withdraw manner of risky enterprise in different development period. Risky capital is a kind of rights and interests capital that is investedinto uncertain, new, booming and great predictive income potentialenterprises or items. The essence of risky capital is capital, andessence of capital is to pursue maximization of profit. On the representation of this essence, risky capital is particularly outstanding. Risky investment is an investment activity that invests the risky capital raised by specialized investment organizations into highly uncertain, new, booming and great predictive income potential enterprises or items as equity share, and finally is withdrawn by selling shares to get high investment profit. Withdraw channels are concrete modes that risky capital is withdrawn from invested enterprises and items finally, for example, selling and transferring the possession of equity share, public listed and selling share in big quantities, etc. Withdraw mechanism is a withdraw, i.e. cashed operation system that risky capital transforms from equity share to capital after relative mature of the development of invested risky enterprises. Withdraw mechanism of risky capital is a series of regulations and an operation mechanism complemented each other, such as capital market, property right market and related laws, regulations, prescriptions and code of conduct accepted through common practice.Cycle process of risky capital: currency- risky capital-run in risky item - withdraw - "currency". Compared final link"currency"...
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