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Research On The System Of The Resignation For Blame Of Leading Cadres In China

Posted on:2005-05-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122999481Subject:Administrative Management
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Based on the previous research, the thesis makes a thorough and detailed analysis of the system of the resignation for blame in China with Marxism as a guide and the application of some basic principles in politics, personnel administration and art of leadership, aiming at making my best endeavors to deepen the reform of cadre personnel system. Beginning with the introduction of the theoretical basis for the system of the resignation for blame, the thesis elegantly demonstrates its significance, shortcomings and the suggestions to be improved overall. In addition to a brief introduction and a conclusion, the thesis is composed of four parts.Part One is supposed to present the concept and connotation of the resignation for blame, including its definition, criterion, nature, function and principle.The system of the resignation of leading cadres is one of the necessary parts constituting the system of cadre administrative institution, perfecting the mechanism of "secession" and strengthening the supervision of leading cadres more effectively. Then as a type of resignation, the resignation for blame means that a leading cadre demands to resign his present post on his own initiative because he is not qualified with the job for the fact that he does fault in the work or fails to fulfill his duties causing heavy losses and negative consequences or that he should be responsible for some major accidents. The system occupies a position of the great importance in the whole cadre personnel system and even in the whole political system.Part Two is intended to elaborate the significance to establish and try to perfect the system of the resignation for blame. Both our real life and the practice of constitutional government prove it reasonable and imperious to create the system.First, the system is an important part of the reform of cadre personnel system. In China, it is generally accepted that the leading cadre personnel system is lack of the mechanism of "secession", which will result in such a consequence that without pressure and competition, the leading cadre's awareness and capability to serve the people decrease. Under such circumstances, it is very difficult to have an officer with ordinary ability and achievement or the weakness that his subordinate has made a big mistake leave his post voluntarily. However, the greatest implication of the system of the resignation for blame is to overcome the difficulty. Secondly, the system is an effective method to respect popular opinion and build a good public image of the government. Based on the system, a leading cadre who does not perform his duties or much better will lose the public support and institutional guarantee. Therefore under the influence of an external public opinion and an internal moral condemnation, he resigns on his own initiative.Thirdly, the system is an essential measure to set up a responsible government and to intensify administrative supervision. In the process of the administration according to law, a government should be the one which can accept to be questioned from the public. Moreover, such a system brings the administrative responsibility of leading cadres into line with supervision, which makes it possible to let the leading cadres with some blames take relevant responsibility. Fourthly, the system is necessary to implement the strategy, i.e. national administration according to law as well as morals. Our government has always focused on the construction of "official virtue" of our leading cadres and drawn up a series of rules and regulations but so far they have not been carried out effectively. To deal with it, we should execute these rules and regulations more exactly, increase the level of supervision and construct a good environment to put the system of the resignation for blame into effect.Part Three attempts to expound the limitations of the system of the resignation for blame in China.First of all, the operation criterion, method and sequence of the system are not perfect. In nature, the system cannot be used...
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