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Unsmooth Development Of Russia-America Relationship After The Cold War

Posted on:2005-08-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125459269Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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The relationship between the big countries has always been the major reason determining the nature and structure of the international patterns. The changes in the international situation are closely related to the adjustment of the relationship between the big countries. Although the history of the international relations after the Second World War can not be called the history of the competition between Russia and America, the changes in the relationship between the two countries have virtually influenced the international situation for almost half a century. After the collapse of USSR, the up and down of the Russia-America relationship not only exhibits the current changes in the content of the international relations, but also influences the development of other big countries' relationship. So Russia-America relationship has remained to be the major contradictory point in analyzing international situation. Therefore analyzing the advancing process and the characteristic of the Russia-America relationship after the Cold War is not only a summary and a recall of the history, but also useful for us to predict the tendency ofthe development of international relations.The theoretic analysis on complicated Russia-America relationship is based on not only abundant data, but also the basic theories. So the main method in this issue is analysis that link with data and theories and applies the basic theories of international relations on the relationship of Russia and America.In large, owing to the complicated contradiction on strategic interests, the theme of Russia-America relationship is the compromise and competition, among which the more critical factor is the policy of America on Russia. Today the relationship among China, America and Russia is no longer the triangle relationship during the Cold War, or a simple zero-sum game, the improvement of the Russia-America relationship does not absolutely mean the deterioration of the relationship between China and America, or China and Russia.This issue studies and discusses the development in Russia-America relationship after the Cold War from the following three aspects:Chapter one recalls the developing process of the Russia-America relationship after the Cold War. It takes the great turning point in course of the relationship between the two countries as a discrimination point,and divides their relationship into five periods: closely cooperated period, frequent frictions period, non-counteracting conflict period, recovering and limited developing period, and slowly developing period. In each period, there is a systematic elaboration on politics, economics, military and international issues in the Russia-America relationship, and each analysis derives from plentiful and characteristic facts. It also predicts the general tendency of the Russia-America relationship, pointing out that the co-existence of struggles and compromises is and will be the main stream of the present and future Russia-America relationship.Chapter two, based on the fundamental theories of the international relations, further discusses the factors influencing Russia-America relationship development from five aspects. Firstly, because of the conflict on geographical safety between Russia and America, the complicated contradiction on country safety will limit the development of Russia-America relationship, which is the intrinsic reason on unsmooth development of Russia-America relationship. Secondly, political factor is the main reason that influences the unsmooth development of Russia-America relationship, such as the Cold War Thinking, domestic political advancement of Russia, and main political ideas in differentperiods in two countries. Thirdly, the economic factor can not be ignored. The economic gulf between Russia -America and the conflict in the economic interests lead to the changes in identity and the long-period contradiction between the two countries. Fourthly, differences of the traditional culture are the deep-rooted factors influencing the relationship between the two...
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