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Cost-Benefit Analysis Of The Information Technology Project For Evaluation On Investment

Posted on:2005-05-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of network and information technology and the Internet is popularized, more and more organization begin to invest IT systems. It is not only a technical problem but also an economic problem of how to establish and invest the system and how to evaluate the cost-benefit. The investment of IT is propelled mainly by IT engineers, so they mainly rest on technique, barely rest on economic. Even they rested on economic, system analysis are limited in qualitative and recapitulative and dispersive targets and did not formulate a set of systematic and integrated target system as reference or evaluation basis.We analyze all kinds of factors of cost and benefit of IT project for evaluation on investment, then the paper design a useful way to evaluate the IT system for organization.The paper carry through cost-benefit analysis, mainly adopted the pattern of combining quantitative targets with qualitative targets and AHP method and Delphi method, also adopt financial evaluation method and select economic targets (such as NPV, rate of return on investment, rate of cost and benefit). Then finally get the conclusion.
Keywords/Search Tags:IT project, evaluation on investment, cost-benefit analysis, economic evaluation, targets system
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