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The Study On Venture Evaluation Index System And Method In Hi-tech Industries

Posted on:2004-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125963380Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Venture capital as a new type of investment, has acted as a catalyst on the development of hi-tech industries to great extent. Venture capital is in substance a type of investment decision is right or not is of great importance.Venture entrepreneur has distinctions different from traditional entrepreneurs, such as high risks, high profits and high techniques. In addition, venture entrepreneurs are mostly new-built, which lack valid historic financial data. So, traditional evaluation methods and decision index systems are not appropriate to the implementation of venture capital investment.Therefore, it is necessary to the implementation of venture capital decision-making index system and evaluation methods. However, studies on this field are few home and abroad. Or those researches just emphasis one aspect of decision-making behaviors, the decision-making index systems or the evaluation methods. There are few essays focusing on both. The decision-making process of venture capital is a kind of work with strong practice. The study on single aspect will lead to weak implementation, hard operation and little function guiding practices.The thesis built a venture capital decision-making index system combined with the features of venture capital and venture entrepreneurs on the basis of studying and comparing the credit evaluation standards home and abroad. Evaluation norms are given as well. In addition, fuzzy theory and Delpher way with trust index are applied to build a venture capital decision-making model of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation. The model can effectively solve the problems such as lack of quantitative indexes, the model realizes a certain quantitative analysis of decision-making, which results in avoiding blind decision-making.In the end, the venture capital index system and venture capital decision-making model of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation are applied in National University Harbin Institute of Technology Science Park. It proves that the index system and the model can reveal advantages and disadvantages of the venture capital investment target comprehensively and representatively. Also, features such as containing a large amount of information, easy use in analysis and comparison, simple practice process is presented as good features.
Keywords/Search Tags:hi-tech enterprises, venture capital, decision-making index system, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation.
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