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The Synthetical Evaluation Of The Economy Developement Area And The Planning Of Large-scale Project Item

Posted on:2005-04-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125964604Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Under the market economy condition, our country economy has got speedily the development. In order to attract the outside fund, the technology and person of ability, the various place's government have founded some levelly various kind the development zone. Because they believe that the development zone can strengthen the district's synthetical strength and can promotes the synthetical coordination development of local area.The open door construction of district has caused the great mass fervor of development zone in China, and has also initiated some negative appearance-giving rise at the same time. Such as: Blind developments, planning disorder, the function layout unconscionable, the land make use malpractices and synthetical beneficial result disequilibrium etc.From this background setting out, the thought of system planning design is drawn up and the economic development zone serving as the researching object. It explores the concatenation between city partition planning and the large-scale project item system planning by the way of system demonstration and the overall planning design. And in the text, it takes the planning of a factory as an example.The purpose of study is exploring the thought of system planning and the science policy decision means application in city partition planning and factory area planning design.This text divides into seven chapters, and his content is respectively:In first chapter, the developing actuality and the present research situation of economic development zone in home and abroad have been introduced, and the text discuss the now available research method, then points out their the mostly excellent shortcoming.In second chapter, it introduces the principle that the select the index sign system firstly, then constitutes the evaluation index sign system of Huaian economic development zone on the foundation of this principle.In third chapter, the method of system engineering is applied to analyse the weight of index sign. It based the foundation of the synthetical evaluation for the next work.In fourth chapter, the fuzzy synthetical evaluation method is used for making the synthetical evaluation to the Huaian economic development zone, and pointes out his corresponding generation.On the foundation of above, the 5th chapter puts forward the opinion to the development zone's planning and the suggestion to his construction method.In sixth chapter, we take the system planning in factory area as the object. Set out from the economic and society of enterprise and the environment synthesis beneficial result, we optimized the major economic technology index sign by way the general the planning design and the application " three steps of planning laws ", then as the major controlled condition, combines currently in effect planning design criteria, guide the concrete factory area planning design.In seventh chapter, the major conclusion of subject study and the prospect are been given.
Keywords/Search Tags:the economic development zone, the index sign system, synthetical evaluation, the general planning design, the effect picture
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