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Fuzzy Synthetical Evaluation Of Administration Curriculum System Setting In Chinese Universities

Posted on:2009-12-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360245458439Subject:Government and e-government
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Administration major in our universities is to train professionals for the party , government organs, enterprises and institutions engaged in administration, policy research, management forecast analysis, personnel management, organs administration, teaching and research. However, the employment situation of the graduates is not so optimistic, teaching theory doesn't seriously match practice, and unreasonable course system Setting is the primary reason. Therefore, the curriculum system reform is the top priority of University, first of all, we need to make a comprehensive, scientific and reasonable evaluation of the original Curriculum System, evaluation result of Curriculum System is the theoretical basis, thus we can identify the problems and deficiencies of Curriculum systems setting, improve and reform the curriculum system setting, promote the development of administration, realize the ultimate realization of providing a large number of outstanding talents to the community, speed up China's socialist modernization. This paper is not only to reflect the existing curriculum system problems, but also to raise a forward-looking evaluation program.And then the paper demonstrates that it's significant to emplace the Administration curriculum for teaching level and discipline building, then has drawn forth the curriculum evaluation has key significance to reforming curriculum, and then draw out the essential operatability and scientifical principle to the evaluation from social current demand and the especial discipline character of major. Based on that we collect large amount of information about the curriculum, carry out analysis and induction to the frist-handed information, aggregate six main course modules of the Administration curriculum: the commom and consensus course module, professional core course module, professional basis course module, professional methods and technical ability course module, professional other course module, and professional high quality modules,and then define the concrete course of each course module. Based on that,we establish evaluation indicator system, the curriculum course module and the concrete course of each course module correspond separately to first-level and the second-level target of the evaluation indicator system, then use AHP to determine the importance of first-level target and second-level indicator, then we construct the fuzzy overall assessment model, through the model we can evaluate curriculum system, discovere flaws in the administration curriculum, thus we can consummate the curriculum system with a clear goal, realize the teaching goal united the theory and the practice finally.Based on above research, we select several general and full of representative significance universities as sample, explain the method of applicating the assessment model, then through the results of evaluation, we find that the unreasonable establishment of curriculum course module and the concrete course of each course are close related to the unscientific curriculum. So to reform and improve the curriculum system must does below works according to the situation: optimizing curriculum system, distributing rationally all class hours in undergraduate course stage according to six course modules' to curriculum; assigning class hours according to concrete course to course module's importance; simultaneously ensuring the proportion of the different curriculum category reasonable.
Keywords/Search Tags:administration major, curriculum system, index system, fuzzy synthetical evaluation
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