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Analysis Of Channel Structure And Behavior Of Channel Members In Information Technology Trade

Posted on:2005-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Change with each passing day and is it take to popularize day by day with information technology, IT products difference more and more obvious, the homogeneity of the products has already become the remarkable characteristic of the market, it is the same or close that this not merely displays in concept , function of the products, and it is not big that the products are distinguished on the appearance , quality even operation method . Among the market environment, IT that enterprise face to stress that the contradiction is not often producing and technological problem most now, but market issue, a precise one say quality of distribution channel fine or not to become IT enterprise key that market competition get the upper hand of already, common understanding that has already become trade marketing that " the person who has channel gets the world ". The so-called distribution channel, join the bridge on the manufacturing enterprise and consumer market, the bridge to link up products and customer, the products that enterprises produce out pass this bridge, could come into the market and enter the consumption field . This text research of our country information number produce product trade main distribution channel, explain and analyse from the structure of the distribution channel and two respects of the behavior of channel members mainly. The former analyses the composition of the channel , various kinds of behaviors that the latter probes into channel members while organizing in the channel.This text divides five parts altogether. First part It is the introduction, arrange to explain research background and meaning , research approach , research range , structure mainly.Second part It is a theory survey about the distribution channel. Part this explain the west about theory , structure theory and theory of behavior , member of distribution channel , of distribution channel that distribute mainly, for after the gentle one analysis offer theory not to prepare and not supporting.The third part It is a focal point of this text to rely mainly on analysis of the channel structure , pass a large number of investigations to the number products manufacturer of information, summarize four kinds of extant major channel mode structure and characteristic in the trade, namely exclusive general agent mode , many of general agent mode , area distribute the mode and Branch distribute themode, and brief the adaptation situation of each kind of channel mode of analysis.The fourth part Study two kinds of new-type channel mode structure , namely the mode of monopolized shop and trussing up the mode of selling, analyse the structure characteristic of the channel.The fifth part Typical conflict behavior is it is it analyse , analyse reason and his behavior characteristic that produce its to enumerate to go on to channel, then carried on the preliminary discussion to the behavior of controlling.
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