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Study On Innovation Ecosystem Constructing Of Fuzhou Software Industrial Cluster

Posted on:2006-07-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F FuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152466626Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The paper first reviews the history of industrial innovation theory, industrial cluster theory as well as industrial ecology theory, and respectively examines their main contents. The industrial theory holds that the industrial innovation is a process which reforms, with enterprises as its principal parts of innovation and technical innovation as its bases, existing traditional industries or boosts the birth of new ones, and makes them highly competitive. The industrial cluster theory suggests that all kinds of companies or organizations to some extent have a regional centralization to obtain advantages of competition and accelerate innovation through sharing infrastructure, promoting the information transmission, reducing transaction costs, and conducting soft and specialized manufacturing. According to the theory of industrial ecology, the industrial ecology refers to the summation of relations among companies and relations between companies and environment. This theory holds that through researching the element and the harmony situation of industrial ecology, the harmonious & efficient operation as well as the sustainable development of industries can be better sped. The complete understanding and the systematical review of these three classic theories lay a solid theoretical foundation for the innovation ecosystem research of industrial cluster and activate the author's thinking. Then the paper defines the innovation ecosystem of industrial cluster and compares elements between innovation ecosystem and natural ecosystem; it further points out five features of innovation ecosystem: the coordinated evolution of innovation species, the innovation niche compression, the increment of values, the non-centralization, and the accumulation and rapid flow of knowledge. This contrast and analysis can advance the understanding and the mastery of the innovation ecosystem. The paper continues to conduct a detailed discussion on the composing and the operation process of the innovation ecosystem, which is one of the innovative points in this paper. The whole innovation ecosystem includes five subsystems, namely, the manufacturing innovation ecological net, the innovation sub-community of research, the assistant innovation sub-community of agencies, the inner innovation environment of industrial clusters and the outside innovation environment of industrial clusters. The paper investigates their components, functions, roles and inter-relations detailedly. After analyzing the internal operation mechanism of information flow, talents flow, and finance flow in the ecological system, the paper concludes that the smooth degree of "resource flow" operation and its sensitivity degree towards innovation choke point decide on the self-operation capacity of innovation ecosystem, and that their supports or pressures to the principal parts of innovation prompt innovation fruits and make the innovation ecosystem run effectively.In order to have a qualitative analysis of components and the operation situation, the paper in the second chapter, based on the theories mentioned in chapter one, designs questionnaires of innovation ecosystem research on software industrial cluster in Fuzhou. This is another innovative point throughout the paper. Through analyzing the questionnaires, the paper comes into a conclusion that the innovation ecosystem of Fuzhou software industrial cluster belongs to primitive stage and reveals its present problems. To obtain enlightenment and reference for the innovation ecosystem constructing of Fuzhou software industrial cluster, it first in the third chapter analyzes the USA Silicon-valley innovation ecosystem of industrial cluster. In succession, the paper, based on the obtained enlightenment and expertise from the USA Silicon-valley innovation ecosystem of industrial cluster, suggests six countermeasures for innovation ecosystem constructing of Fuzhou software industrial cluster-- Indraught large size software enterprises at home and abroad, particularly those from Taiwan and Japan, to prepare a co...
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